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A software tutorial is a simple ‘how to’ video and not much else, right?


A professional software tutorial can bring some unexpected deliverables – which can increase your turnover, cut costs and extend your online presence.

This is how your software tutorials can make you profit – both above and below the line.

Pre-Sales Support

No one buys instantly.

People prefer to browse and learn about all the different options on the market.

If you can convince a prospect that your solution ticks every box on their checklist, your solution will be the frontrunner in their selection.

This is where software tutorials come in.

Any serious buyer will want to browse the tutorials before buying to:

> check out the workflow, and see if it seems easy, or otherwise

> see how comprehensively all their areas of special interest are covered

> ensure their staff have a full battery of support resources available online.

Remember: A new software package is a big deal for a client – probably a lot more than the simple cost of buying or subscribing to your software.

It’ll probably turn their business upside down for a couple of weeks.

And while the smart client anticipates this, they need to know for certain that they’ll succeed – which is where online tutorial support becomes essential.

It generates the confidence needed to clinch the sale.

They’ll buy from you in preference to competitors with:

> few online tutorials

> or plodding, mind-numbing tutorials that, while technically accurate, will quietly drive their staff to drink.

Perhaps even more importantly, online tutorials allow the client to check your app’s true scope & methodology.

It’ll back up the exciting proposition spelled out in the Software Demo video.

And you’ll stand a far better chance of winning the sale.

Bigger web presence with Video Text Transcripts

A video text transcript is the voiceover of your video in a text file, that is spiderable by Google.

Video text transcripts are a relatively new initiative in the field of video SEO.

It sounds simple?

But what they offer is very powerful.

The text file allows search engines to recognise and “measure” the content of the video.

Without a video transcript, all a search engine has to spider is the title and tags.

But with the text transcript of the whole script – search engines are able to see the entire content of the video.

This significantly increases the chances of your videos ranking in search results through longtail keywords.

A video text transcript has the same effect as a blog every time you post a software tutorial video.

Your site’s content goes up – and so does your Google ranking.

Decrease customer service costs

Another significant advantage to producing software tutorials is decreasing your customer service costs.

If you spend 2 hours a day on support, and you could cut this down to 1 hour or less, then this has to be a win, on two counts:

Your small development team

> spend more time programming the next update you promised

> and less time answering the same old queries from frustrated users.

This is a serious win.

Less support aggravation, and more staff time available for “real work”.


If you can cut support time by 1 day per week, then over a year this probably equates to £30,000+ pa.

And you get less aggro

And you make more sales.

And Google rewards you for it by sending even more traffic to your site.

And all from properly planned, and professionally produced software tutorials.

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