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We all love good web statistics, to let us know that the site working well, and customers are coming - and one of the best to look at is your bounce rate.
If you have a low percentage on your bounce rate, you know that:

> the right sort of people are coming to your page

> they like what you do

> and they want to know more!


What is a good bounce rate ?

RocketFuel think that a good bounce rate is anywhere from 26% to 40%.

This may sound quite high, but a lot of business websites don't even reach this.

The average page visit lasts less than a minute"”but many are 10 seconds or less (Neilson). - so you need to grab their attention quickly.

But how do you better your stats?

One solution in 'the battle of the bounce rates' is Explainer Video.

Here's why:

Do people read text?

If you've been nurturing a campaign to drive traffic to your website - and then when the prospect gets to your home page, they are face to face with a long wordy dissertation.

They'll quickly hot foot it over to a site that's a little less work for them!

A study of how users read web content summarized the findings in two words: they don't. Instead of carefully reading information, users typically scan it. (Neilson)

Explainer video helps you to cut out the text and just tell your prospects exactly what they need to know in a friendly, educational way.

All your prospect needs to do is to hit play - and then be kept entertained for the next one or two minutes.

Actually, that last bit is much harder than it sounds...

Why Animated Explainer Video?

You have 10 seconds to catch the viewer's attention, and keep them watching until the end, so why is animation good at this?

At the core of any explainer video are great motion graphics.

Charts, characters, icons, scenes, processes, infographics, logos - the list goes on! You have total flexibility and you can just about explain anything you want - in an easy and simple way.

With an animated video you're not limited to what can be shown, it's this flexibility in Explainer Video that means that you can:

> quickly grab a viewer's attention through a great soundtrack and strong visual theme

> tell your story to the viewer, quickly and effectively - in an entertaining way

> Sustain interest throughout the video with motion graphics.

How does this help your Bounce Rate?

The more we can increase the time on page, the higher the chances are of the visitor continuing to browse your site

- and ultimately, bringing down your bounce rate.

This is exactly what animated explainer is design to achieve - it can be used to quickly engage with your visitors, and not overload them with pages of text...

The right video can help you to build your prospects interest in you.

Click to view samples of bounce rate beating animated explainer videos


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