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For years now, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been used to increase the visibility of a webpage in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Put simply, This is done by finding out what kinds of words or phrases people are using when searching for your product & or service, then making your website as relevant to that as you can.

By making the page more relevant to the search term, the page will be displayed higher in the list of results.

But how does this relate to video?

Search Engines obviously can’t see the content of a video – all they see is that a video is there, but not what it’s about.

By inserting video metadata we are able to tell the search engine what the video is about.

The basics of this should already be familiar to most frequent Youtube users.


Give the video a relevant title, tags and a good clear description.

But recently this has been taken a step further – video transcripts.

By associating a text version of the script with the video, the search engine is able to see the complete content of the video – making the content much more relatable to search terms.

The final stage – and arguably the most important stage – in making the video visible in SERPs is to create a video sitemap for your website.

This makes the search engines aware of all the videos within your site so they can show up in SERPs at all.

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