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Clients giving testimonials to camera are completely different to Directors speaking to camera.

Getting the Perfect testimonial video requires a completely different approach.

For example, for a testimonial, a Questionnaire should be prepared and given to the Client in advance of the video interview.

A well-structured Questionnaire is the best guarantee that the Client really does deliver the goods by saying all the right things, in the most natural yet enthusiastic way to camera.

They can do this because a detailed questionnaire in advance gives them something to think about.

By contrast. nothing is worse than a “dry biscuit of an interview” who continually misses the point, or isn’t sure what to say.

You have to consider that mediocrity is not an option, especially when all the time, trouble and cost of organising a testimonial video shoot is taken into consideration.

Here’s an overview of Studio Rossiter’s method for developing questionnaires for Perfect Video Testimonials:

Start by recognising that:

> some people respond with their hearts, while others respond with their heads.

> for example, a “heart person” prefers to be asked how they feel about something.

> A “head person” likes being asked their opinion – what they think.

For this reason a professional Questionnaire has the key questions ready-prepared so they can be couched in 2 ways, ie, asked as:

– how do you feel about blah blah?


– what do you think about blah blah?

These small differences are what help to deliver the Perfect Testimonial.

On the shoot, Cool Lights are used to avoid glowing noses and foreheads, which are unsightly in the final edit.

The Director / Interviewer also needs to befriend the Client during the lighting setup, so the Client feels at ease with them, and enjoys talking to them.

If all the above is carried out properly, then the Interview has every chance of becoming the Perfect Testimonial.

You’ll notice that a Video Director is used. Simply sending a Camera Operator who doubles as a director is a passport to mediocrity.

Camera ops are too busy fiddling with lights and lenses to be asking questions designed to evoke the best possible response.

Adding to this: A professional Director will be alert for when the Client says a “gem”, a real nugget of an endorsement.

When this happens, they ask the client to repeat what they just said – ensuring the endorsement comes out absolutely perfectly for the editor in the studio.

eg, get them to repeat – “Yes, I’d trust Acme Services with our operation. We already do so every day.”

Info and samples of testimonial videos can be found here 

We believe the above is a big part of the secret to capturing The Perfect Testimonial on video.

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