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Your new video has just arrived!

The production team have done their job – and they’ve done it well. The video exceeds your expectations.

So far so good – but now what?

You’ve just spent a relatively large amount of money on a corporate video – so how to you get the most from it?

Getting the best from your new corporate video

You probably bought your video for a specific reason – such as:

> you needed an impressive conference opener

> you wanted something promotional to boost company sales

> your company outsources a lot of its staff – so an induction video is needed

Or maybe something else.

But to get the absolute best from your corporate video, you need to question the other uses it has.

For example, a video that summarises your company, its products and its services can be used:

> As an introduction video for new staff and contractors

> As an overview video – something that will show a potential client your corporate identity – which will inspire confidence.

> A video to welcome visitors. There’s nothing more boring than a waiting room or foyer – instead of just simply making them wait why not welcome them with a video.

You can also make it continuously accessible to staff – and anyone you wish – by putting it on your company intranet.

Or – if you’re happy for the information to be shared online – why not put a copy on the homepage of your website and post it on video sharing sites such as YouTube?

As a corporate video tends to be 5min or longer, for the web it’s best to make a short version specifically for this purpose.

Including the video in you email newsletter will also show potential clients your professionalism.

There are more options than you think

You may not be able to take advantage of them all, but you can probably use more of them than you think.

The important thing is that your message reaches as many people as possible.

And though your corproate video may not be suitable or relevant for every kind of audience – it’s important that your target market watch it.

Anything less is just throwing money down the drain.

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