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Interviewing VIPs in such a short time is definitely a specialist field - and Studio Rossiter execute this perfectly.

Recently we have done just this and exceeded ourselves - filming 4 Managing Directors of a large international company in under 3 hours!

There are many things that make our film shoots run smoothly - here are a few of the key things.

VIPs like to be prepared

Our questions are prepared and sent out well in advance to VIP's.

They are specifically tailored for each person to get short punchy sound bite answers.

We structure them so interviewees aren't forced into an unnatural answer - we want truthful, lively answers.


The location is a very important factor to help film 4 people in such a short space of time.

It has to be easily accessible - preferably a quiet office or conference room.

We don't compromise - the location has to be visually pleasing on camera allowing the interviewee to blend into the scene.

Multi camera

Using two cameras gives greater depth to the final look - giving a much more immersed feel to the interview - almost as if you are in the room.

Utilising two cameras on set is more challenging than a single camera set-up.

This is why we have a crew of 3-4 on an interview shoot - each with their specific role.

This greatly increases the speed at which the shoot is completed - after all we only have a morning.

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Speed and professionalism

It's impressive for anyone to see a film crew working at pace but more importantly with a sense of calmness and professionalism.

This allows the interviewee to relax on camera - a tense interview doesn't feel comfortable to watch.

Punctuality is also important - it goes without saying that our crew look smart - something so simple goes a long way to creating a relaxed atmosphere for questions and answers.

Don't rush them - allowing them time to conduct themselves and think about their answer is important - they want to say the correct, positive thing about their company.

However a scripted answer can sound wooden and unnatural - so we try to avoid over thinking an answer.

Sufficient professional crew members help enhance the quality of the production including:

> The content or answers given by the interviewee.

> The final look - making the VIP look great on camera and the backdrop fit perfectly.

There are many more little elements that make a shoot run smoothly and successfully - but these are the key points that we follow.

We assure not to overlook them - which can be easily done on a rushed film set.

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