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Sometimes our clients need an end-to-end video project with a fast turn around.

It could be that they’ve been invited to an speak at an event, need to use it as part of a tender, or have been nominated for an award.

Whatever the reason, they need to react fast to get their video produced in time.

By following a few easy rules, fast-track projects like these can be delivered seamlessly with no reduction in quality.

Here’s a rundown of initiatives that you can take to get your video delivered before the deadline.

Define the Team

There are many points within the video production process where decisions must be made by the client

– such as script approvals, storyboard approvals, etc

Normally, a wide group of people would be involved in making these decisions to ensure that the video is heading in the right direction.

However, this can slow down the process and waste valuable time.

A fast track project requires a slimline team – just those who have a clear understanding of the objectives and who have the authority to make approvals.

Ideally, the fast track team should consist of no more than 2 or 3 individuals.

Create a clear objective for the video

Every video needs a goal.

This must be decided at the very start of the project and remain at the forefront of your thoughts for the entire project.

With this clear goal in mind, you’ll easily be able to spot potential distractions that could slow down production.

Have script meetings to condense the message

One of the most important aspects of a fast track video is to keep the runtime of the video to a minimum.

It’s probably obvious that the edit time of a 4 minute video can takes twice as long as a 2 minute video.

So remember:

shorter video runtime = less time to make

Our script writers will be able to condense your message into a crisp, flowing script – but you’ll have to decide what’s just ‘nice to have’ and what is a ‘must have’.

Quickly Respond to Emails

Sometimes unexpected situations arise that need to be resolved quickly.

It could be a missing graphic, or a request to approve the voiceover selection.

Whatever the issue – no matter how minor it may sound – it can have a knock-on effect if not resolved instantly and delay other aspects of the project.

Clear Feedback

Of course, if you think something isn’t right – it must be corrected.

But by delivering your comments clearly, and by getting straight to the point – it’ll make it that bit quicker to process your requests.

If the issues is with how a certain screen looks give the runtime of when it occurs, a clear text explanation and even a screengrab with a red ring around the offending element.


By following the above initiatives, even the tightest deadline can become a reality.

Take a look at our Marketing Video page for samples, and our Fast Track Video page for sample timescales

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