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High on everyone’s agenda is the actual Corporate Video Proposal they receive.

It’s the document that defines what you’ll actually get in your video, whether for web or corporate use.

As an experienced buyer you’ll obviously already know this.

But when you’re presented with a bunch of quotes, how can you tell which quote will deliver you the value you need.

Obviously, The Bottom Line, the cost tells you a great deal.

But what else matters besides price-cost?

Other Costs

Your corporate video production quote may include options for 2 or more different treatments.

For example,

> with or without actors,

> or with and without an extra day’s shoot to film a VIP,

> or with and without graphics and animation.

> And is any travel included?

Whatever is there in your spec, it should read crystal clear like a menu in a restaurant.

Is your Proposal too long or too short?

There are 4 types of corporate video proposal:

> Short quote

> Long quote

> Optimal quote

> Online quote

Option 1: The Short Quote

1 page quotes do little to describe the creative treatment required for the video. Be sure you understand this.

For example:

Company 1’s quote may be offering to light the scenes in your video, so their video quote costs more as lighting takes longer to set up.

Company 2’s quote seems cheaper, but they’ve deliberately ignored lighting, telling you that a modern camera doesn’t need lights.

So which quote do you pick?

The video production company offering lighting, or the company ignoring it?

The answer is to question them both. Then decide what you want.

Here are some more similar choices:

For example,

Corporate video production company 1’s quote include actors. Company 2’s quote expects to use your own staff fill in as extras.

Production company 1’s quote includes shooting equipment like steadicam or glidetrack. Company 2’s quote is just a bare tripod?

Video company 1’s quote includes creative post production effects. Company 2’s quote is mostly elementary editing with a smattering of polish.

Short one page quotes will hide much of the above, and focus solely on price.

So watch out.

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Option 2: The Long Quote

Long corporate video production quotes can be dense and tricky to understand.

For example, consider a professional 48 page pdf video quote full of illustrations and figures designed to impress.

Take a look and see how much of the content is actually about you and your organisation?

And how much of the content is “stuffing”, generic filler copy designed to sandbag you with endless facts and figures about the video production company?

Is this what you really want? To be sandbagged with generic content?

Obviously, you decide.

Option 3: The Optimal Quote

The best corporate video quote is the one that focuses on specific details of your forthcoming video production so you understand exactly what you’re getting.

For example:

> It will show a specific creative treatment – ideas specific to you

> The treatment will enable you to visualise how the video might look once produced

> The price will include links to relevant samples online, as proof of capability

> It will include a Video Production Schedule highlighting the steps you’ll need to take to produce your corporate video – and not just a Delivery Date.

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Option 4: The Online Quote

An Online Quote is a web page showing a standard corporate or web video package, complete detailed specification & costs.

This can work to your advantage.

A standard package might well be exactly what you need.

And it will usually cost you less.

The Online Quote can be perfect for many productions.

Do you Understand your Video Proposal?

It’s easy to gloss over a video proposal and just look at the bottom line.

But ask yourself – do you understand any or all the jargon? Or the purpose of everything mentioned in the quote.

If something isn’t clear, then what will this mean – later – once you’re committed to a full video production?

Remember: You’re hiring a corporate video production company to tell your story in a crystal clear way. Their quote should reflect this clarity.

No Hidden Extras

This is both obvious and vital.

You want one single price to pay.

However, your quote may well be a price menu of video options. So you need every option clearly detailed so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Details to consider are:

> The number of days (or hours) shoot, and the daily rate

> Exactly how much graphics, effects and animation are included, and the daily rate.

> The number of hours estimated for editing and post-production, and the daily rate.

> What options you have for including additional creativity ideas (these are very common) as the video project progresses – while still staying in budget.

Be frank. Ask how where the potential for hidden costs may arise.


Comparing corporate video quotes isn’t as obvious as it sounds

You need to know how spot hidden costs, or hidden extras

You need to know how to compare quotes on more than just price, otherwise you can be comparing apples with oranges.

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