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By now, having a web video on your site is seen as the norm – there’s plenty of evidence that shows how effective it is.

Now, you’re looking to get on board and have a video on your homepage.

Here are a few tips to stop you making a mistake when picking your video production company.

You have a friend who can make video

We all know someone with a video camera and a bit of editing software. This does not neccessarily mean that the video will win you more sales.

The editing may be quite flashy and the camera shots good, but it’s rare in these cases that the script will be any good, and will actually make people want to enquire.

Your friend may be cheap, or even offering it for free – but they won’t have the full suit of tools that is needed to produce a web video.

Cheapest is not best

Browsing on the internet for a web video production company can be really overwhelming with sheer amount of companies, samples and price ranges out there.

Prices can really vary – you will see anything from £200 to £4000.

You may be tempted to stick with the cheapest in a bid to save money. But in the long term, it wont save you at all.

If you invest a little more, then you will receive more – it’s simple.

As a small example, you would never buy the absolute cheapest bottle of wine, would you?

They promise the world

If a company offer you everything you could imagine, and completion in 2 weeks. There’s probably something up.

This is especially so if the price is cheap.

They may promise everything, but if it’s a budget production – they’re bound to be skimping on something.

You want definitely want to see samples of previous work before signing any contracts.

If you think it sounds too good to be true, ask further questions! “What experience do you have?” “Can I speak to a previous customer” “What is the average turnaround?”

And if you’re feeling bold – “Why is it so cheap?”

A company who say they’ll handle everything alone

Producing a video is usually a big deal for a company, and you want to make sure it’s exactly what you need.

If the video company say – “We’re take care of it all, and send over a perfect video at the end” – don’t buy it.

You want to be involved in each stage of production, from script to storyboard to final edit.

If there is an error in the script for example and an important bit of information is missed, or is actually incorrect – then you wont know until the mistake has been carried right through to the end of production.

Errors will result in more delay and most likely more cost.


Hopefully these tips will help you next time you’re looking for a web video – and help you get a production that will win enquiries and not just save you money in the short term.

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