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The budget of your web video mainly depends on its length.

And the length of your web video depends on:

> Your company message

What’s your company about? What do you offer that nobody else does?

That’s your company message.

It’s usually short and to the point – but it can also be long and detailed.

> And the product or service you are offering

The complexity of your product or service will dictate the length of its explanation – which will of course have an effect on the length of your web video.

Just remember, viewers don’t want long and detailed descriptions unless it’s really necessary – so keep it as short as possible.

So, you’ve identified the ideal length for your web video – now you’re asking “how much will it cost?”

A 30 second web video

If your message needs to be all about sales – and your potential customer base doesn’t have time for long winded product and service details – then you’ll probably benefit from a video that’s 30 seconds in length.

On average, this will probably cost you just under £500.

A video like this is ideal for your homepage. The immediate attention it will acquire will quickly reduce your bounce rate.

A web video that’s longer than 60 seconds

A video that’s 1 – 2 minutes in length can explain your product or service in detail.

It will not be made for the quick sell and it will – of course – cost more than a web video that’s less than 30 seconds in length.

It would also probably need either:

> Live action filming

> Or high end animation.

And both of these things take time and skill, and so this is about £1000 – £2,000.

A 2 minute plus video

This kind of video has to be full of details – and more than just a business message.

Something like this can truly reflect the identity of your company, and would benefit from things like:

> CEO or MD interviews

> Client testimonials

> Live action scenes that include actors and a story

This is more than just a web video – it’s your new company calling card, and will cost anything from £2,000 upwards

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