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Q: We would like to develop our website so that it gave us sales leads. But whenever I enquire about cost I get complex answers in a language I don’t really understand as we’re new to this.

Marketing Manager
Financial Services Group

A: You and a million other marketing managers worldwide share this very same problem.

I’ll try and simplify it.

The short answer is to buy something small that you understand and carries a low risk.

This approach to emarketing immediately avoids problems.

Typical problems include:

I Don’t Understand an Emarketing Quote

It’s not easy to admit this, but let’s face it, if you’ve called in three emarketing consultants and asked for quotes, it’s hard to differentiate between the quotes, and see who’d offering real value, and who’s offering best value.

For example:

>The quotes use a language you don’t understand, such as SEO, AdWords, Major Keywords, The Long Trail etc

>It’s hard to compare different quotes offering different prices and solutions. And you know that picking the cheapest isn’t necessarily the smartest move.

I Don’t Really Understand Emarketing Very Well

It’s better to admit this, and be honest with yourself. Emarketing comprises a number of overlapping disciplines, so even if you’re familiar with one discipline (eg buying AdWords) you’re not necessarily familiar with the others

I Don’t have a Friend-Who-Knows

We all have suppliers who are trusted friends. We rely on their expertise to keep us in the picture.

But since emarketing is relatively new, you haven’t developed a web of contacts in the way that you might have done for, say, Direct Mail suppliers


The Short Low Risk Answer
If you meet an emarketing supplier you think could be the right contact that you’re looking for, then ask them to produce a web page for you that will get a high ranking for one of your important keywords.

You’ll have to pay for this, but it’ll cost you hundreds and not thousands.

If they produce an optimised web page and they do this properly, then within a month to 6 weeks you should be able to see your page has quite a high ranking in the search engine charts for that keyword.

In turn, this higher ranking should bring visitor traffic to your website, and produce sales or enquiries.

All this can be verified easily with reports that your emarketing supplier will be able to produce for you.

The Advantages of the Low Risk Approach

>The first advantage is that it’s a low risk easy-start approach. You only commit resources to something you understand and can measure, ie, better rankings with search engines for an important keyword in your marketplace.

>If as a result, the page ranks well then it will bring you web traffic, ie, visitors who may enquire or buy. It’s possible to measure this too.

>If your page ranks well and your emarketing supplier has delivered, then you can maybe do 6 more pages next, and win better rankings for 6 more of your important keywords. So this is a scaled approach

The low risk approach gives you the opportunity to develop a relationship with an emarketing supplier without having to commit many thousands of pounds upfront.

If they deliver high rankings for you, and they seem knowledgeable, and you feel you can trust and learn from them, then after a few months you’ll be in a better informed position to spend the necessary thousands with them (or not!).


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