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As a Marketer working for a financial services company, you have a particularly tough job when it comes to explaining what you offer

- as product details are so abstract and, frankly - often difficult to describe unless the client is properly competent to understand.

Apart from growth trends, performance statistics and success rates, there is very little to show the prospective client.

So while the effectiveness of your service may be undeniable, it can also be quite invisible.

My definition of what constitutes financial services is a broad church and can include:

> VCs (venture capital), fund & portfolio managers, property financiers, pension, insurance & planning providers, brokers of all types, and the whole raft of support services such as software and IT specialist companies dedicated to particular aspects of the financial services sector.

The 3 keys to marketing video for the financial services provider

Video can offer 3 unique benefits when selling invisibles.

1 - It can explain clearly

2 - It can build trust

3 - It inflames desire.

"Explain" is top of the list as until the client really understands what your service offers, then they'll never buy from your company.

The charm of video is that it delivers a solid visual explanation in an otherwise ethereal world of numbers, ratios and intangibles. And it does this every time.

Trust matters too, especially when your service - if it misfired - could seriously damage your client's business, and personally lose them their job.

Serious punters need trust - and video can help build this trust.

Last but not least - no one ever bought anything without some degree of passion and excitement.

Video kindles desire-for-gain in the heart of the buyer.

It's arguably the finest medium in the world for generating desire.

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3 uses for marketing video in financial services sales

Please look at the following 3 situations and mentally tick off whenever any of them has presented an issue for you or your team recently.

1 - When your sales team make a face to face presentation and your core concept needs to be understood in a matter of minutes.

2 - Your homepage, which is supposed to help convert site visitors into people with their heads full of questions and needing to get in touch with you.

3 - Whenever your company's initial credibility might be a concern.

The power of not being Me-Too

An even worse situation is when the client can't really distinguish your proposition from competitors.

To the client you often all look the same, or at least very similar.

Perhaps it's because you all look and sound very similar.

Being Me-Too usually comes about as an accident over time. It was never by design. But it still happens.

This can be easily corrected by producing a marketing video that clearly differentiates you from the rest of your sector.

There are many points of difference to seize on:

> The inherent strength of your offering

> The superior performance of your offering

> Your background and reputation as a company

> Your impeccable client list

> Your leading edge technology

This list could go on but hopefully you get the idea.


Explaining clearly, building trust, and inflaming desire, are the three keys to getting your financial services message across.

Use the same video for meetings as well as on your homepage

Don't be a Me-Too marketer. Use video to highlight why you're different.

This is how marketing video helps financial services companies.

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