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Steadicam, for those who haven’t used it, is a stabilising device that stops camera wobble when the camera is moving, for example when held up on the shoulder or handheld.

Think of almost any movie you’ve seen, or most television shows, or documentaries.

They all use steadicam.

This is because it looks so great. It adds polish to almost any camera shot, and it cuts like a dream, adding a continuous flow of smooth motion, instead of the usual semi-static pans and tilts, or handheld wobbles.

Examples of steadicam in action in marketing video:

> Moving around a presenter while they talk

> Following a presenter on a tour or walk

> Making static shots come to life with smooth film-like movement.

> Putting the audience in the middle of the action.

These are just a few examples. You can probably think of many more.

What’s wrong with using handheld camera?

Handheld or on-the-shoulder camera, which we call wobblycam, does give a certain street look to a video.

But mostly it just wobbles.

Many people pretend that wobbly shoulder shots and wobbly scenes are “cool” and, in that way, conceal their underlying cheapness.

By contrast, using steadicam will provide camera movement in a professional smooth way that looks great. In fact, that will look like a movie.

Why doesn’t everyone use Steadicam?

In a word – cost.

Steadicam has traditionally been the preserve of a high priced patent, and an accompanying high priced guild of steadicam operators.

Until now.

At Studio Rossiter you can now afford to shoot using steadicam.

You can now afford to have 1, 2 or even 3 days of your marketing video shoot filmed using steadicam.

Imagine the great look this will give.

Imagine how impressed your clients will be when they see your marketing or corporate video towering head and shoulders above regular wobblycam videos.

But now, instead of thousands, it only costs a few hundred more.

To learn more about marketing video production and see exmaples – marketingvideoproductionservices.htm

Why Use Steadicam?

Because there is no single shoot component upgrade that will improve the look of your marketing video as much as steadicam.

Nothing else touches the sense of a motion camera.

This is what adds credibility, style, class, that ineffable something – call it what you will.

So if you’ve got a few hundred pounds extra for your marketing video shoot, ask for quote option to show steadicam. You’ll love it.

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