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How many sales do you think you lost this year because the buyer didn't quite trust you enough

- or they believed a competitor's software demo video more?

Maybe you'll never know the real answer as nobody ever gives "lack of trust" as a reason for not buying

- if any reason is given at all?!

But if you think about Trust from the buyer's perspective you'll see it adds up to a big difference when selecting a software supplier.

Trust in marketing can cover such buyer concerns as:

> "Will you be around to support me in 3 years?"

> "I could lose my job or my seniority if this package doesn't work out as promised".

> "The promises sound good, but there's not much real hard proof".

> "They say installation is easy, but it looks like a potential nightmare to me."

> "All your new releases are late, and are buggy."

Buyers may never voice these concerns aloud, but you can bet they're still there.

Your software demo video production gives you a massive opportunity to dispel these buyer doubts based on lack of trust.

Whether your video is viewed on your website, youtube, vimeo, facebook, twitter, google hangouts or in an email, buyers need to see & feel trust.


How to build Trust into your software demo video production

Trust isn't something you can shout about from the rooftops, like you can shout about the performance or cost benefits your application delivers.

Winning trust is like osmosis - it seeps through into your sales message at all points, without ever really being noticed - yet can have a big effect.

Here are 4 ways you can inject more trust into your video sales message.


1 - Don't make a cheap looking video

Today video is your primary customer-facing sales window.

So ask yourself: "Would you buy from a store that had a cheap looking window display?" Thought not.

A great looking software demo video - like a great window display - instantly generates trust and credibility.

The message here is - don't compromise on the look & feel of your video if you want to win trust.


2 - Prove your claims

How many software demo videos make claims that you feel are unproven?

Think about it.

Instead of making extravagant claims based on the performance of one or two customers, why not average out the performance among many customers.

For example, which sounds more trustworthy?

"Many customers increased productivity by over a 1/3rd or more."


"A recent survey reported 73% of customers received a 37% increase in performance."

The more specific and detailed you are about your claims, the more buyers will believe you - trust you.


3 - Big up your company

Most of any software demo video's content will be about the application and what it delivers.

Often the software developer company hardly gets a mention, as if they're scared of saying anything good about themselves.

Yet bigging yourself up diminishes the perception of small company risk.

To big yourself up you could:

> show a map where all your customers are located, eg, show big dots on a small map.

> mention how many customers you have

> mention any well known customers by name

> make your video in the style of big company

> look international

> mention any investment you've received, or accreditations, eg, tell people if you're a Microsoft or Cisco partner or similar.

Every software company is different so whatever makes you look bigger and better will probably be unique to you.

You just need to find it.


4 - Show testimonials

While you may not be believed as much as you think, whatever your customers or expert reviewers say probably is.

Letting others speak for you is a proven route to developing trust.

If you're planning to film customers - to produce videos for case studies or testimonials or reviews - then why not take a key soundbite from this filming and edit it into your existing software demo promo video.



There are many ways a to develop a winning software demo video message.

Increasing trust will increase sales.

Winning Trsut With Video Marketing


The following 4 ways will increase customers' perception of trust in you and your software products.

1- Don't make a cheap looking video

2 - Prove your claims

3 - Big up your company

4 - Show testimonials

There are many ways to increase trust. These 4 are a starting point to get your own ideas working.

Just saying you can be trusted is a good start.

Now - how important is trust in a software demo video?


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