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Q: We’d like to webcast our business meetings, but we have no experience of this.

Senior Manager

A: Webcasting business meetings for a remote workforce to view is becoming increasingly popular, so what is the best way of going about it?

First of all it is important to get over the novelty factor. Many people get all shy and silly the minute that they are put in front of a camera and subsequently the audience will pick up on this.

Try to talk to the camera operator and not stare directly at the camera. Or, position yourself so that you can talk to your colleagues and let the camera person get a side profile. After the first couple of webcasts you will become more confident and things will become more natural.

The second most important thing is to build up a culture that is receptive to your webcasts.

Inform and remind your workforce constantly when the webcasts will be, preferably at a regular scheduled time when people employees will not be busy doing other things. Make sure that the content is informative and of value to the viewers, and is to the point.

Where possible make the webcast interactive to engage the audience. This can be as easy as answering questions sent in via email. Provide company news and highlight recent successes and employee highlights over recent weeks.

Most of all have fun!

Story by James Cunningham, Streaming Wizard, Streaming services and solutions provider

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