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In recent years corporate video has evolved into something new

Web video.

A typical corporate video in 2011 and before was around 5 minutes long.

This was because it was typically made for one-to-one meetings and shown on a DVD – where you have a captive audience.

In the lead-up to and beginning of 2012 the corporate video has typically been shortened to around 2 minutes.

Instead of DVD, it is broadcast on the internationally accessible web.

For the web we need to provide the same solution in a two minute format.

We call this a mini corporate video.

Similarities between old corporate video and new web video

Web video has kept a lot of things from corporate video.

Such as:

> The same purpose for production

You may want to promote your business to new clients as well as stay relevant to current customers.

> The same methods of production

Interviews, voice-overs, graphics and post-production are still needed – they just need to be more relevant and concise.

Difference between old corporate video and new web video

For improvement to take place, changes must be made.

Such as:

> Time of video

As mentioned before, web video is typically 3 minutes shorter than corporate video.

This can be considered an improvement as a shorter video is more appealing to a modern time-limited audience.

Accept brevity – you may feel your message needs more than 2 minutes but modern professionals simply don’t have the time for this.

Less is more.

> Playback format

Pre 2011, corporate videos were usually played on DVD’s.

This was usually to cater for person to person business meetings.

The benefits of playing it on the web is that you can reach a wider audience of just about anybody.

It’s up to you: use it to attract new clients or – like old corporate video – use it in face-to-face meetings.

If using it for the latter, why not implement it into a presentation?

> Cost

Web video is considerably cheaper than corporate video.

A shorter run-time means a shorter production time – reducing the cost of the actual shoot.

And with a DVD hard copy being unnecessary there is no need to buy a disc and spend extra on postage & packaging.

> Extra options and more opportunities

Is there any such thing as a 2012 corporation without a website?

Not really.

More and more businesses are having a video on their homepage.

As you will already know, getting a client to a website is difficult – but getting them to stay can be almost impossible.

Tell the client ‘who you are’ the moment they view your site.

Why make them work for the information having to find an info tab and then read a company description?

Let video do the work for them. They’ll appreciate it.

How corporate video became web video

The onset of social media and total accessibility to the web made it inevitable.

People who visit the web – whether it be for social, commercial or corporate reasons – respond to a video.

They no longer respond to text, audio or simple images – at least not as effectively as they do a web video.

Not having time for the traditional ‘here’s our story’ 10 minute corporate video, your clientele has opted for a more efficient 2 minute web video.

A web video that tells them what they want – and nothing more.

Corporate video is fading away.

The Zeitgeist that is web video has taken its place.

For more information regarding the differences between corporate and web video please click here.

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