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Q: I’d like to create a web site from existing material and market it to the general public – health orientated e book selling worldwide

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A: To sell your book through the web you need to develop in a number of stages.

Short term

The most obvious starting point is that you need a website. It doesn’t need to be a big website, but it should look good as any visitors you receive will quickly make their minds up whether they’re interested in you or not. First impressions will count for a lot so you need a good designer who can develop pages that artistically suggest the topic, and engage the passing eye in a compelling way.

I’d suggest that you need to include sample pages or even chapters from your book so people can see what they’re getting. It’ll help them to make up their minds. Take a look at what Amazon do. You’ll get the idea.

As an alternative to a multi-page site, there are a lot of American sites that opt for a completely different marketing strategy, ie, one big long page full of sizzle and testimonials. These pages sell the promise and the benefits in a big way, using virtually a single page of 1,000 or 2,000 words or more. And some of them are successful, so don’t limit your options.

Whatever route you choose, you’ll need lots of reader testimonials. Scatter these at strategic points around the site, rather than have a Testimonials page that no one will read.

A large flash banner animation on the home page that highlights your offer over 3 or 4 animated flash screens can help too. The format might be: User need 1 text, User need 2 text, User need 3 text, then a final Feature-benefit screen with your offer, accompanied by a call to action (ring, write, or buy now).

You’ll need PayPal or a similar online credit card transaction processor. PayPal is very easy to set up and install, but bear in mind that in a recent poll, many users said it was their least favourite way of buying online.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the medium and long term strategies to market your website. contd/…
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