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Q: We sell IT services and would like some sort of multimedia or flash presentation. But we find it difficult to justify the high cost of such a presentation

Business Development Manager
IT Services Company

A: Cost is relative to what you get back in return

For example if a multimedia sales presentation played a major role in winning contracts worth £250,000 each, then would it be worth the cost?

Or, if you consider the lifetime value of a new client and not just their initial spend, then how much is a new client really worth?

Also consider that every deal you win is one that your competitors lose. And vice versa. So if you win a £250k contract, they’ve lost that equivalent amount, leaving a potential £1/2M gap between you.

It’s plain to see that the stakes are high when it comes to winning new major accounts.

Taking this further:

Most people will agree that some form of sales presentation is essential to winning new business.

But this has reached the point where “even the window cleaner has a powerpoint!”

Today the issue isn’t so much as do I need a sales presentation, but what level of sales presentation do I need?

So what are the qualities of the perfect sales presentation?

I’d suggest:

> The proposition and its benefits must be crystal clear, brief and persuasive

> It must uniquely solve the customer’s problem, like no other

> It must convey the great desirability of doing business with you, and no-one else

So how do you, the sales person, marketer or CEO ensure your sales presentation has these qualities?

Crystal clear, brief and persuasive
Can you develop a script in-house that has exactly these qualities?

Uniquely solve the customer’s problem
Is your presentation flexible enough to be adapted to each unique customer solution?

Convey the great desirability of doing business with you
Will your presentation automatically deliver the credibility that you need to win?

At Studio Rossiter we’re reasonably expert at delivering the above. We know it takes a lot of time and patience to get it exactly right. And nothing less than exactly right will do.

More precisely, a convincing sales presentation needs:

> Persuasive accurate scriptwriting

> Impressive eye-catching design and animation

> Smart programming to deliver flexibility

To see examples of multimedia sales presentations


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