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Trust is central to the online buying process.

With it being so easy to click through endless websites – a potential customer can easily lose interest and move on.

So trying to convince web surfers that you offer the best Trusted service they need – can be difficult to get across quickly and interestingly.

How do we create a testimonial at Studio Rossiter?

We build a powerful and credible story which gets across:

> Who the client is and what business they work for

> The problems they faced before using your services

> The solutions you provided

> The results of these solutions

> Endorsement of your business and their opinions on your services

A recommendation from one of your customers is much more believable and can say more than bigging yourself up.

Anybody can say they’re great at something, but would you believe them as easily as that?

All of the editors here at Studio Rossiter have to really make a testimonial video fly and inspire an audience.

Unlike many other testimonial videos we don’t merely assemble some soundbites and hope for the best.

If your video doesn’t look professional how can your business look professional.

We go further ensuring a professional final look including:

> The script

> Storyboard

> Editing process and graphic effects


So is a Testimonial video for you?

Studio Rossiter have done some fantastic testimonial videos for our clients and felt we were missing out on a great marketing tool.

This is why we are in the process of creating 3 of our own testimonial videos – which you can look forward to viewing soon.

Why not see our testimonial video page for further examples;

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