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Every business has presentations. Some have many, others few.

But they all have them.

Whether it’s one person performing an impromptu pitch or a sales event disguised as a seminar, there is no escaping how vital it is to have a sales presentation as a major part of your marketing strategy.

Why presentations are important

Visual presentations have always been popular amongst both collective organisations and individuals alike.

From acetate to PowerPoint, the ability to place a message on a big screen has always benefited those giving information to a large audience.

But watching an acetate presentation is hardly the most immersing of experiences.

And PowerPoint is starting to look dated.

It’s formula of putting on a step-by-step/slide-by-slide ‘performance’ lacks originality and is quite frankly, in 2012, boring.

An audience no longer wants to a mechanical looking lecture that has an unintentional commentary of a mouse click every few seconds.

If they are going to buy into your product, then they want to see the most impressive business presentation in the world.

After all, they have given up their valuable time so you can show them this. Do you really want to disappoint them?

The Benefits of a Multimedia Presentation

A modern multimedia presentation is a major step up from PowerPoint.

Though most designers will still use a format involving slides, if done professionally their finished product should bring your presentation to life.

Smooth flow of visuals and the use of sound bridges will make any transition appear seamless.

The audience will appreciate this.

They were, after all, expecting the same old PowerPoint lecture.

Now they have something with a production standard of a Hollywood film.

How a multimedia interactive presentation can win a major business account

So, they’re impressed by your presentation. But it take more than glitz and glamour to persuade businesses part with their cash.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you market your product.

So how can a multimedia presentation help with this?


> A multimedia presentation can be based on a video

In the same way that an audience can immerse themselves into a decently made film, a presentation that is based on a video can help a spectator relax and take on-board the entirety of your message.

Basically, you have them where you want them.

There are no distractions.

Its originality prevents them from getting bored, making their attendance an enjoyable experience rather than just a formality.

They are finding the presentation to be beneficial in its own right.

The sale or account is as good as won. Now all you have to do is tell them what you’re offering!

How Multimedia Presentations Win Major Account Business

To summarise the points that have been made:

> PowerPoint and programs like it are dated.

They have no place for business in 2012.

> A multimedia presentation gives flare to what would otherwise be a boring lecture

What is usually a very formal and tired affair has become a cinematic experience.

> It shows that your company is truly world class at what it does

There is no way an amateur could do something like this!

> Your proposal can be brought to life and your vision can be portrayed in its purest form

A great message can not be told by words alone.

Using a multimedia presentation will not only help your meet the expectations of future clients, it will help you exceed them.


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