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Growth and profit are the main ingredients for the success of any business.

If a large investment will lead to an even larger return then you need to take the obvious course of action.

If you don’t – and your smaller investment leads to a small or even negative return – then you’ve lost money. This is highly important when it comes to your marketing strategy.

In 2012, most marketing strategies are based on attracting the universal customer base that the web can offer.

Hence the term web marketing.

And there’s no better way to web market then by using a web video – it’ll turn your viewers into customers.

Using web video as part of your web marketing campaign

The production of a web video is a vital investment – and often costly – investment.

And not every video will give you the return you’re looking for.

You need one that can engage your target audience – and to guarantee this you need to make sure every stage of production is handled by a professional.

A professional web video production company will:

> Make sure the script is written for the right target audience

The script should be written for the potential buyers of your product or service – not the general public.

> Have video samples you can view

A professional video company will have an accomplished body of work. Look at it – it may even give you an idea of what kind of video you might like.

See some examples of some high quality web and corporate videos.

> Have positive testimonials from past clients

Proof that they’ll deliver what they say they can deliver.

A company is obviously going to say good things about themselves – so you need to look for an independent opinion.

If somebody’s made a positive comment about them, then they’re going to flaunt it on their website.

If your production company doesn’t show any testimonials – maybe it’s because they haven’t got any…

How A £500 Saving Can Become A £5000 Loss In One Bad Decision

Though an amateur video production company will be cheaper, they will not be able to validate their claims in the same way that an established professional company can.

So there’s no guarantee that the video they’ll produce will be of a high enough standard to convert viewers into customers.

This is ultimately the only goal of a web video – so you need to be certain you’ll get a good ROI.

So, an amateur may charge £500 less (or even less!) – and put you risk losing 10 times that amount in your final turnover.

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