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When people come to your website, they need to know instantly that what you offer will help them and why they should pick you as a supplier.

The key for all videos is to make sure their content is engaging and also relevant to the audience.

This is especially true for your homepage offering. Think quality not quantity.

A stat worth noting

The bottom line is that if your video is short, people are more likely to watch it through to the end. Wistia’s studies show that a 0-30 second video has a more than 80% chance of completion. By 5 mins length, completion is down to 55%.

Up to 2 minutes is usually plenty of time to lay out your remarkable proposition and how your core service answers the web visitor’s problem.

If your offering is straightforward, or if you only want to focus on one aspect of the business, 30 seconds is ample. You know that visitors who watch will see it all. And if they still have a question, they can enquire.

The long and short is …

Think of Vine – their maximum video length is 6 seconds. I’m not saying keep it that short, but with this trend you can see that attention spans are getting shorter. So a concise message will be appreciated and well received.

The big risk with a longer video is that visitors’ attention will drop off. Once the user has decided they can’t watch any more, for whatever reason, they’ll simply move onto the next tab and you’ve lost them.

That great call-to-action you were building up to at the end of your video will remain unseen. So, if the video is longer make sure you get some key points in early and at least one call to action.

A longer video is worth having in your video artillery, but is more effective with a captive audience – for example a presentation, or to show to people who have already expressed interest in your product or service.

This longer video is more suitable on an internal webpage as people who have gone further than the homepage are looking for more detail.

Key points:

1. For the homepage, be brief. Keep the message concise

2. Be relevant to your web visitor’s needs.

3. If you have a lot to say, save it for a longer in-depth video, but use it elsewhere.

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