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Your home page video should be viewed as the ‘meet and greet’ of your website.

The business of 2012 – whether it be large or small – has at least two offices.

> The physical one (i.e a place of work)

> and the internationally accessible one, the website.

Your physical office will probably have a receptionist or somebody to answer the phones.

Why shouldn’t your website be just as welcoming?

How the video can be deployed

In order to receive the most attention it must be placed in a prominent area.

Ideally, at immediate eye level.

The majority of computer screens in 2012 are 16:9 widescreen.

This should also be the case for your video player.

As should be the player’s location.

The viewer does not want to find your video – your video has to find them!

It has to be the first thing the viewer sees – or maybe they won’t see it at all!.

As I said earlier, the website is your office. Every office needs a front-of-staff.

For your website, this is a video.

Brevity and your video’s runtime

A home page video does not have to be long.

After all, how long does it take to offer somebody a welcome?

Around 30 seconds should do it.

Make sure your message is concise and well summarised – nobody likes to read anything that is longer than it needs to be.

You may feel you need to tell the viewer every point that matters – but I’d suggest that the viewer will appreciate a level of brevity.

And the option to learn more about your services – by themselves – as and when it suits them.

Something that they will definitely do once they have looked through the window of your video. Give them a taste and they will want more.

Quality of your home page video

Streaming directly from a video hosting site – such as YouTube or Vimeo – can be detrimental to the video’s playback.

The video player has to be embedded onto the HTML of your homepage – and the player itself has to be coded.

This is easier said than done.

If you don’t know how to do this yourself, get a professional to do it.

Better yet – get a professional to both place the video on the homepage and make the video itself.

That way you are guaranteed something that’s up to a professional standard.

This is the best way to let people know you mean business – that your company is professional, efficient and can be trusted – in other words – a credible supplier.

Putting it on your homepage will enable your website to start as it means to go on.


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