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If you’re filming a CEO or VIP video it’s a priority to make sure your VIP looks like a charismatic, dynamic leader and a natural in front of camera.

Your CEO video may be a video blog, important announcement or regular video bulletins for staff, clients or customers.

There is a chance that your CEO will be a natural on camera – then all you will need is a camera operator and an editor to edit the footage.

More likely your CEO will be just like any of us – um’s and ah’s, coughs, swallowing or hesitations when the camera lens is turned on them.

So how do you get the authoritative and at-ease delivery that your PR professionals and marketeers want – and your CEO will demand.

You can’t afford to make your VIP or CEO video production anything less than perfect.

Here are some of the key points when shooting a CEO:

Make sure you use a professional script writer

The script is the first essential step in making your CEO sound like he or she belongs in front of camera.

If the words don’t flow right to begin with, then they wont come across how you want when a novice, like a CEO, has to read them.

Use a teleprompter/autocue

For your CEO time might be a priceless commodity.

Learning up to 5 minutes of script is very difficult and time consuming – and even then it does not guarantee that your CEO will recite the script flawlessly.

The teleprompter will take the pressure off – giving your CEO a more relaxed, assured and natural delivery.

Also when you have a teleprompter any last minute changes will be easy to cope with.

Less mistakes means a quicker shoot.

Clear the room of inessential personnel

Your subject may be a high-powered CEO but he doesn’t want people staring as he delivers the script.

It is easier to speak to a handful of people than a roomfull.

Your leader certainly doesn’t want a group of their staff giggling at a mistake.

Take the pressure off, make sure CEO is relaxed and composed – and not watched by others.

Location, location, location

This is important because your CEO doesn’t want to squander their time travelling to a studio.

They may also require times outside the normal 9-5 office hours.

CEO videos can be shot outside but there is an element of risk – weather conditions could cause problems and effect your footage.

Shooting on white screen or green screen could be perfect for you.

White screen is simple and improves pasty complexions.

It’s simple and quick for web video in any room.

Green screen negates any outdoor conditions risks, whilst giving you the opportunity to dub over animated graphics to highlight key points.

Or simply to make them look more impressive against company branded virtual background.


Shoot your video in True High Definition

You want your CEO to look their best, and True 1080 HD produces the best looking TV.

It also gives your post production options such as:

– It allows you to zoom in for close-ups, while standard definition or even standard HD would just blur if you did this. This gives you extra dynamism and a more engaging viewing experience.

– Shot manipulation in the editing suite can be done with quality digital data. You can use cosmetic face enhancement software. Who wouldn’t want to look their best?

-Colour matching integrates your CEO into the graphics in the background.

Foreign languages

For foreign language versions of a CEO address, arrange a professional foreign language voiceover – not mere subtitles – as this makes it personal to the audience.

This process is all about fitting around and maximising the potential of your CEO – make sure your VIP looks and feels like one.

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