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Q: I am enquiring about getting a web video production made for our hair & beauty salon.

I am doing a bit of initial research to find out how this could be produced and how much it might cost us.

The reason that I wish to have a web video produced is so I can use it in our marketing plan, show it on various social media websites such as YouTube, Qype and our own website, as well as blogs, facebook, digital & mobile tv, and anywhere people posted news about us on the internet. It would be great if our web video could go viral.

Using this video to promote the salon I would like to emphasise what we stand for, such as quality and client satisfaction, and portray this to the person watching it.

I would also like to add in the fact that our salon was the very first unisex salon to open back in 1970. Next year is the salon’s 40th Birthday and there will be press coverage to promote this milestone.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Public Relations Manager

A: The promotional web video production package you need is already described in a video clip. 

The web video sample on this page describes exactly what your business gets for your money, inc shooting in widescreen HD – and the video price.

But let’s take a step back first and look at how web video has developed for the hair and beauty industry in recent years.

For example, years ago, the creative world in your industry would probably have been using celebrity endorsement or presenters or customer testimonials, all designed to demonstrate your claims, and creating an impact, a high level customer experience, which would also have been on DVD as well as the website, and maybe supported by print.

By last year you’d have increased your use of video fx, graphics and post production effects, as the software technology in this technical area came of age (look at adobe!)

Now , more things have changed. It’s more high level, particularly in two areas.

> The first area is the use of steadicam for smoother shots

> The second is in how you want to tell your message, the communications.

Let’s take a look at these and see what they tell us about web video production today.

Use of Steadicam

Strictly speaking the word steadicam applies as a trademark, like Hoover does to vacuum cleaners.

What we’re really talking about is camera stabilisation units. And for various reasons, the price has dropped, so they’ve now become accessible to corporate video.

Definition: A camera stabilisation unit is a gyroscopic camera mounting unit that allows smooth moving camera shots.

For example, use your imagination to see:

> Smoothly tracking the length of a hair salon or studio full of clients, capturing the buzz and bustle.

> Smoothly walking through specialist treatment rooms, or a laser clinic.

> Smoothly circling a client while they’re having their hair coloured.

Smooth moving cameras offer great features, so say goodbye to on-the-shoulder wobblycam.

Use what Martin Scorsese used in Goodfellas, and every movie director and top professional film camera operator has used since.

Steadicam. Smooth shots. Better web video production method for turning a mere session into an event!

Telling your web video message today

Style is important. And today’s video software offers the potential to realise style more than it’s ever done before.

In the hands of a skilled video editor, style can reach subtle new heights – at a fraction of the cost it used to.

But just as important is brevity (which unlike equipment, is free!).

People want to know in seconds what it is you do, what it is you offer them.

They don’t want big build-ups and lots of trumpeting in your broadcast.

They want to know what you offer, what they get.

This means less flannel, and more delivered benefit.

And they want a proposition, which means telling your price, or making an offer.

Web sites without prices are history.

So the web video production must make a proposition, and the price must be positioned near the video so the customer can be a quick decision.

In fact this approach (which hinges on good script development) is all about helping the customer make a quick decision – in your company’s favour.

A good video scriptwriter collaborating with your web designer or web marketer will solve these problems for you.

Measure your video campaign’s results

I didn’t mention this at the beginning. But you ought to measure your web video plays, and see how many of your visitors’ enquiries actually played the video and how many didn’t play the video.

When enquiries come via a telephone call, instruct your sales team keep a manual log, and measure the share.

Blindly assuming that a web video production will automatically work, and will generate more enquiries, is not a professional approach to marketing.

You need to know how effective your web video distribution is. Reviewing performance matters here too.

Fortunately some flash video player consoles provide plug-ins that allow Google Analytics to measure the video plays, time viewed, which web pages played from, and so on. I don’t know of other streamed video formats besides flash that have this system yet.

So the advice is don’t just buy the web video production. Get the web video metrics plug-in too, then you can make an objective commercial assessment.


Pointers for this web video project included:

> Use steadicam in your production to make your web video look smooth. Yummy.

> Style matters. But brevity matters even more. Manage with less words and get to the point so people know what you offer them.

> Measure how effective your web video production is. Or you’ll never know if it really is effective. Get the right tools to do this.

Hair salons are very visual subjects. The right web video production will make you shine like television in front of your clients.

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