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Will you ever get started, or is it too demanding?

Every project starts with a need.

It’s either your company’s need, or your customer’s, or both. Video projects are no different to any other project: product launch, exporting to a new country, re-educating a workforce, building an airport, developing software. They all take initiative, planning, know-how and the energy to see them through.

Your day is already full, and about to get fuller.

When the project arrives on your desk, or as an idea in your head, the first reaction is often “Yes!”, or “Help!”. It feels like your baby but also that you are on your own. Every project is the beginning of a process of self-discovery.

You have some expertise, or you can find it.

If you are the person tasked with a video project, bear in mind that all you have to do is tell your story well. Many people will support you with what they know to get a great result. It’s a communication project.

Well begun is half done.

Your first decision may be to choose your project team. For the duration, you’ll be the chief executive. You’ll have people in the company to gather round, but in the ABC of successful video projects, hiring a manager is your first decision. This person will be your rock and inspiration. And the familiar face of your project with colleagues, or with customers.

How do you decide?

You will have a budget, but more importantly a reputation to nurture, your company’s and yours. When you contact a video producer to manage your project, consider the following:

1. Experience – how many videos have they made about your topic, in your industry sector with companies like yours? Ask them lots of questions.

2. Quality – you will be judged by the end result. Quality can include business insight, flow of message and visual pleasure. Your viewers will want all three and more before they pay full attention.

3. Effectiveness – videos have to work. Like a piece of machinery, they have to give you the results you want. And these should be measurable, whether it’s on the web, in the workplace, at a conference or on your sales rep’s laptop. Thankfully, your video producer can do this analysis for you and show you the numbers that matter.

4. Value – you may come across several prices for turning your project into a reality. Choose the one you think delivers best value. Money well spent will bring you pats on the back from your peers.

Now sit back and do your best.

Someone else is now sharing the load. You’ve hired a professional to manage your project. You are going to learn a lot in the process. Enjoy the experience. The next one will be even better!




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