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Q: We are a charity concerned with developing solutions to occupational health problems at work.

We need to develop a marketing tool to use in presentations to illustrate the input of the different programmes we undertake.

We’d like to show good and bad practice comparisons in an office environment, and how poor environments can affect absence levels and stress, and how we help to solve the problem.
We’d also like to include video clips of staff members talking briefly on, and include statistical information as an introduction to the topic

Consultant Business Adviser

A: Following on from yesterday, we saw how your marketing tool can be made flexible by the use of extra buttons to launch additional powerpoints on-demand.

The secret is to avoid having too many extra buttons to launch all these possible extra powerpoints (that you may in fact only use occasionally).

The solution goes like this:

Have the extra buttons programmed to launch powerpoints named 01.ppt, 02.ppt and 03.ppt. And programme each button to look in C:/Temp for these powerpoint files.

Mystified? Don’t worry it’ll be clear in a moment.

When you want to show an additional Case Study, name it 01.ppt, and place it in C:/Temp. Automatically your marketing tool’s Button 1 will find the file and launch it.

If you want to show a completely different extra slide or two, maybe an Implementation Plan, then simply name this extra powerpoint 01.ppt, and it will be found when clicking Button 1. Or name your extra ppt as 02.ppt and then Button 2 will find it, and so on.

In this way you can develop a bank of additional powerpoints that you can launch on-demand at any time during your presentation. And because the powerpoints are designed in a similar style to the core presentation, they’ll still look acceptable.

What you’ll also need to consider is that you have a few users who’ll be using your marketing tool. So they’ll need help. Not just to learn how to operate the marketing tool (which should be a simple click-through operation), but to ensure they have all the main additional powerpoints they’re likely to need, and can develop their own as required – maybe in a hotel the night before a big presentation!

To do this you can prepare a few of the extra powerpoints for them yourself, anticipating such typical needs as an Implementation Overview, or a Contractual Overview. These elements don’t need to be core part of every presentation, but they’re certainly needed when clients are serious and are likely to ask you questions relating to implementation or contracts.

But for other one-off powerpoints, you’ll need to provide your users with a blank powerpoint template that incorporates the look and feel of the core marketing tool.

And you need to supply them with a bank of images they can use to make their one-off powerpoints look brighter and better. A bank of 20-30 generic images will be suitable.

A marketing tool planned in the way I’ve described will offer your and you users a superb core presentation – of the right length – while offering the flexibility to show additional material if the audience demands it.

Good luck with your presentations.
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