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Q: I am looking for a presentation package as part of our companies new branding exercise. We are looking to have a purpose built, video/ flash presentation package put together for our re-launch of our new website.

Can you send over some examples of the presentations and videos that you have produced in the past??

Head of Business Development
Design Group, London

A: Here’s a great undiscovered secret which I believe is true. It’s this:

The web is populated by billions of pages that nobody actually ever reads!

Web pages are springing up faster than Moscow housing estates or Kansas cornfields. Notice the use of these two specific analogies. Neither is known for its compelling visual nature. This is because web development software, known as CMS’s in the trade, has come of age and now every manager can add reams and reams of text quite easily to their website. Drag and drop, point and click, and there’s another new page.

But who’s reading these pages? We don’t know yet as the web metrics packages that measure web traffic and readability are still hard to understand for your average IT person, and line managers certainly don’t have access to this vital information which tells them if anyone actually reads what they wrote.

However, rant aside, we can hopefully glean that by making a page more interactive and visual – such as with flash animation – you have a far higher chance of making an impact on the passing website visitor than simply using bare text with a little iconic picture to cheer it up.

At Studio Rossiter we keep an online gallery of flash samples open to the public, so there’s no need to send examples via email. It’s all here at

Tomorrow we’ll look at the different styles of flash presentation, and how they can work in different ways … to be contd …/
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