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Q: I was looking for your authorisation to use a corporate video music track featured in one of your animations.

I need to source audio accompaniment for an outdoor sports activities video.

This soundtrack would fit perfectly with some slow motion sports footage we have.

I don’t want access to the graphics you used in the multimedia presentation, just for you to provide me with the audio accompaniment used.

Ideally, I’d like to buy the rights to use the corporate music track

I would be grateful for any assistance you could give me in acquiring this piece, or referring me to other sources where I could get an appropriate corporate video soundtrack.

Sales Executive
Outdoor Activities Products

A: This soundtrack was used after purchasing the licence from the composer.

We cannot authorise its use in one of your corporate video productions.

If we were to do so we would be infringing intellectual property laws.

Unfortunately we have not kept detailed information on this corporate music track in our archives.

All hope is not lost though, as you’ll be able to find many sites which allow you to try-out corporate music tracks alongside your video.

Look online for “corporate music”, “corporate audio” or “soundtrack music” and you will discover plenty of sites that could provide music for an outdoor activities sports style video.

Corporate music tracks will have a wide variety in terms of forms, genres, technique and production styles.

Corporate audio can be be sold in different ways, such as single songs, or perhaps in a mix of 10 second, 30 second, 1 minute and 3 minute forms of the soundtrack.

Other firms may offer a compilation of corporate music tracks, giving you 10 or more tracks as part of a CD or preferably to download as wav and mp3 format, and even more preferably in 2011, with online streaming preview.

By and large the more you’re willing to pay, the better the soundtrack you’ll receive.

If you’re working to a budget however (and many corporate video productions are), you can find great soundtracks available for only a measly few dollars if you’re willing to spend some time searching for the one that’s perfect or your video.

It frequently takes a few hours of try-outs to find the perfect corporate music track for a video or multimedia production.

So be prepared to invest some time in finding the ideal soundtrack – and you’ll certainly reap the rewards.

It took a minimum of half a day to select the following audio accompaniments, generally investing around £50 (or more) to secure the licence for their corporate video use

A well known and commercially successful song or soundtrack can be a temptation, but be aware that thousands of pounds might be required to secure its use.

You need to think about the balance of your resources vs the enrichment of your work.

Most marketing productions would benefit from unearthing a brilliant and little known corporate music track, something that will greatly enhance your corporate video production.

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