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Okay, so you’ve got a big tender coming up soon.

And you or one of your colleagues thinks a video to support the bid would make a big difference.


> a custom-made tender video shows a real commitment to the customer

> no other competitor will think of doing the same. They’ll only show their standard corporate stuff, plus a heavily modified powerpoint.

> the key take-home messages will stand out – loud & clear

> you may need to physically demonstrate some part of your bid, eg, machine or people capability – or your customer-specific work portfolio

The only problem is you’ve got a mere week to produce a full-blown video – which is often considered impossible.

So how’s it done?

Studio Rossiter Fast Track Capability

At the risk of blowing our own trumpet, Studio Rossiter provide Fast Track Video Production.

It’s based on three key components:

1 – We have a larger-than-average pool of editors, so we can fit in last minute work

2 – We have deep insight & experience of producing successful Tender Video

3 – Our project management is second-to-none in the video industry

A Case Study Tender

Let’s follow a day by day account of a recent tender video we produced for an international group client looking to win that oh-so-important big tender in the USA – a breakthrough market for them.

The client had just implemented a major upgrade from their previous software – including touch screens and enhanced workflow – which made implementation – and especially training – much easier for their prospective US client’s operatives.

They reasoned these features made a huge difference to their ability to win the tender over their US competitors. It was the icing on the cake.

But there was a strong doubt that their prospective US client would really believe how good the new upgrade was.

Yet a demo could prove a minefield – as anyone who ever sold software & service systems will tell you.

So the decision was made to produce a video that would support their tender, and demonstrate once and for all that their system upgrade worked – just like it said on the box!

The Schedule

Our client first needed convincing that we could do it.

So we produced this 7 day Production Schedule for them to demonstrate feasibility.


As you can see, the Schedule details a blow-by-blow account of 7 days of intense video production.

No compromise in KPIs or approvals was made.

It’s exactly the same schedule structure they’d have received if their project was taking 3 months.

The key elements were:

> we had a large enough pool of editors & crew to do the job (we were really busy at the time)

> they promised to approve each of the 4 stages of the production very quickly.

This fast Client Approval is unusual.

Frequently we find video stage approvals – like script approval. storyboard approval etc – can take weeks as successive layers of the client’s management & board take their time to get the video perfect.

Nonetheless the client got authority for their Commercial Manager & Product Manager to make their own on-the-spot decisions – as speed was essential.

We even managed to fit in a 1 day shoot to film the demonstration.

And our Senior Editor, Victoria, volunteered to work a Saturday.

And we managed to pull in a quick teleconference with the USA side of the company to make sure that we weren’t being “being too English” for the American market.

But most important of all – we committed to the Schedule – and so did our client.

The net result was the tender video delivered exactly on time.

Best of all, the client said: “This is great – fab job!”

The Future

Winning tenders is the lifeblood of many companies.

Yet such is the nature of these things that a Tender Video is almost always a last minute decision, with maybe 7-10 days notice.

Fast Track is the answer.

You can explore more about tender video production here:

Or read more about fast track video production here:

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