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What is your web video production for? Don’t forget the most important question.

Always have an objective.

What do you want to get the viewer to do?
– sell a product/service
– make an enquiry
– information about getting the most out of product/service
– participate in an event
– join your campaign

Determine what you think a successful video will achieve.

Before you start a journey it is best to know which way you are heading.

Recent research by Yahoo showed a website with video gets 250% more clicks than flash or text.

What does this mean for you? If you don’t have a web video production by now you should have!

Web video engages an audience (your customers).

Evidence such as this was first uncovered by the BBC in the 1950’s – the synopsis basically states pictures and words combined mean information retention is doubled.

How many jingles and tag-lines from TV adverts can you remember?

For your video to engage it needs to have impact.

To have impact your video needs to be brief – don’t dilute your message

Do not make a saga that chronicles everything your company has ever done(yawn).

Your web video should be about your customer, and what you can deliver to them right now.

Show why they need your service.

If the script is too long it won’t be as memorable.

Our own Studio Rossiter web video statistics statistics show that visitors view up to roughly 55 seconds, after that viewings start to trail off – so you have to be succinct!

Get creative

Perhaps you want a more heartfelt approach, and that human touch in your video could mean a presenter based video could be for you.

A presenter led video is also ideal if you have products you’d like to demonstrate.

But it’s not just for consumer products. Video is equally effective for BTOB sales –

Forbes Insight found that 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text, if both are available on the same page. (Forbes Insight, December 2010)

Whatever you do, you want to have a big impact that is memorable.

To make sure you do this editing and post production can do help enormously – and are vital to any good production.

You can include voiceover and captions that could add emphasis or extra impact at an important stage in the video.

TV adverts rarely rely on sound or visuals alone, you ideally want to utilise both to get maximum impact.

You can’t always guarantee the visitor will have their speakers on or be watching with full attention.

Will a stirring anthemic soundtrack help bring customers to your cause?

A piece of music can often influence your visitors emotions – whether you want them to feel like they trust you, or you want to show that you’re modern – music and sound effects can help convey this.

It’s all about making it easy for customer to see why your help is relevant and necessary.

You are not just piecing together a video for your website but building a useful sales tool, lending credibility to your company & website and most importantly helping your customer.

By posting the video online – on video websites/ blogs, you also make use of Inbound Marketing, which is becoming a big part of today’s marketing strategy.

According to Cisco, video will increase from 30% of Internet traffic to 90% of Internet traffic by 2013. (Cisco) – Stay in touch with your audience!

For more information and examples of web video productions click here

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