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Q: We are a UK based engineering company looking to acquire a training video for our staff and a corporate video that promotes our products.

Can you advise as to the best way to go about this? What type of things do we need to consider?

Head of Marketing
Midlands Engineering Company

A: From the look of your organisation, I would say there are a few ideas that you should consider.

A mini-corporate video production

A mini-corporate video will deliver your message in a relatively short amount of time – typically around 2 minutes.

This is ideal for the time stretched viewer of 2015 – you’re not going find many people wanting to spend more than 2 minutes watching a video.

And because it’s shorter – it’s cheaper.

And different cuts of your videos can be made for

> your different niche markets

> and each individual product.

So the video can be tailored for you – and your customers – specific needs.

A Training Video Production

A training video production can be big or small – long or short.

It all depends on the subject.

By the nature of your company, I would suggest showing things like:

> Health and safety

> How to operate machinery

> On-site procedures

> A factory walkthrough

A training video such as this would require a visit from a film crew.

Depending on the length of the training video – and how complex the shoot ends up being – the timescale for a visit like this will be anything from a few hours to a few days.

Click here for more information on training video productions.

Considerations that are needed for both training and corporate video productions

All video productions – whether it be a web video production or a mini-corporate video production – require a standard production process.

A process that includes …

> The writing of a script

> The design of a storyboard

> The production of a schedule

… in terms of pre-production.

And a process that includes …

> Graphics and animations

> Editing

> Voiceover

> Music

… in terms of post-production.

And the actual production

As I’ve already said, the actual shoot of productions such as this will require a crew to come on-site.

A good crew will have – and know how to use – a good range of equipment.

They’ll be able to get any shot that your production may need, such as:

> A panning shot – in which the camera is required to move horizontally or vertically

In order to achieve fluid camera movements – a steadicam or a glidecam will be needed.

Click here to find out more about camera equipment and crew.

> Specific lenses for specific shots

Certain shots require a certain look – different lenses have to be provided to suit these needs.

> Overhead shots

To show your factory in all of its working glory, a shot from above that gives a general overview is probably best.

For this you would need a camera crane. This is not the cheapest or easiest thing to get hold of but it’s well worth the effort and cost.

How to get your videos made

You need to use a professional video production company – that much is obvious.

Choosing the right company to do the right job is the difficult part.

3 questions you need to ask:

> What can they deliver?

> Do they have any remarkable propositions – what’s their unique selling point?

> And can they back up their claims?

Click here to get an idea of of what a video production company should be like.

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