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Q: I am part of a workgroup looking at the feasibility of producing two videos to be used as part of retail employee induction.

In brief outline, here are the main requirements:

1x Health and Safety video clip (approximately 30-40 minutes in length)
English language only

1x Loss Prevention video clip (approximately 10-15 minutes in length)

English language with subtitles in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

We can translate the script in-house to facilitate duplication to DVD and artwork for 1 per Store, approx 150.

Although we do have the option of managing this in-house (we have limited in-house capability), for reasons of expediency and superior quality we would like to outsource it if it can be done affordably.

We’ve come up with a concept for both videos and have draft scripts ready written which I can supply.

This calls for a presenter / narrator plus three or four actors. We may be able to supply some of the talent, speaking roles and background, but I wouldn’t rely on it.

The acting talent can feature in both videos.

The location would be set within one of our Stores, probably in Manchester where we have a brand new ‘state of the art’ Store with the behind the scene facilities to host the production.

It would also need to be shot overnight an once the Store has completed trading.

For this to be viable the cost would need to be as skinny as possible.

So how would we do it?

Retail Training & Development Europe

A: As I understand it, you require:

> Health & Safety Employee Induction video of approx 30-40 minutes

> Retail Loss Prevention video of approx 10-15 minutes

The Likely Content is:

> Presenter to camera

> Video drama with 3-4 actors

You will provide:

> Draft scripts

> Translation of Loss Prevention video script into French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

> Manchester retail store location

You need a video production company to provide

> Reworking draft scripts into shooting scripts

> Actors

> Front-of-camera presenter

> Teleprompt

> Crew: Director, Lighting Camera Op and Sound Recordist with broadcast DVCam kit

> Video edit

> Titles and DVD menu

> Subtitling

> DVD authoring

> DVD replication and packaging

Other options could include making the DVDs interactive so they might have:

> a menu-driven structure so that they could be used in different ways (induction or refresher, with or without trainer, etc)

> a series of multiple-choice questions to encourage participation and reinforce learning

> a series of short trigger videos, which would set up situations then stop, prompting the trainer to ask the group “How should you handle that?”

> a train the trainer module

You can find retail training video examples here

Video Production Method & Feasibility

Since your workgroup is examining feasibility, so here is an outline video production method, proven to deliver projects on time and to budget.

Week 1

Project Launch Meeting

> Meet to discuss the arrangements.

> Briefing on the messages to be communicated in the video and how these can be illustrated.

> Converting the draft scripts into shooting scripts.

> Preliminary casting.

Week 3

Storyboard meeting

> Meet to agree and amend script

> Agree the performers

> plan detailed schedule for the shoot

Week 5

Video Shoot

> Video shoot with director, lighting camera operator and sound recordist, using DVCam broadcast digital equipment

> The shoot will take place after the store is closed.

> It will also be worthwhile to shoot cutaways while the store is open.

> There is rarely any objection from the public when we do this.

> You need to provide someone with appropriate authority and experience to oversee the shoot, so that everything shot meets your safety standards.

> Wherever possible a portable tv monitor is provided so that you can see the exact shot.

> A teleprompt and green screen can be provided for the presenter’s pieces to camera.

Week 9

Video Edit and Preview

> The video clips are edited to rough cut stage.

> Meet so that you can approve the video content and some sample graphics.

Week 10

Video Final Edit

> Any changes required are incorporated.

> The graphics and DVD menu programming will be completed

> Interactive quizzes are programmed.

> Subtitling by specialist technicians.

> You approve the final version.

You’ll need around 150 DVD copies of each programme supplied.


The above video production method hopefully gives your retail training workgroup a roadmap for feasibility and timescales.

It should deliver both your Employee Induction video and your Retail Loss Prevention videos in less than 3 months.

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