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Q: We are looking for sales leads for our engineering services.

Design Engineer
Engineering Firm
North West

A: I carried out a brief analysis of the effectiveness of your online presence.

The quick conclusion is that your company needs something approaching a culture change if it to be an effective emarketer of your engineering services, and win sales leads this way.

The Bad News
The bad news is that you have nil sales presence in Google, and that all the sales leads that originate on the web are going directly to your competitors, who you probably know well.

For example there are at least 5 searches a day on your two main keywords, and probably a lot more than this if you include other search terms which I haven’t tested for yet.

Some of these searches will undoubtedly convert into sales leads.

Further bad news is that your web site, though undoubtedly attractive, was developed by someone with little real knowledge of web marketing, as elements of your site are google-hostile.

It appears you bought a “package website” from a designer with flair.

In short your web site is a bright palace deep in the dark woods.

None of this is intended as hostile or intentionally rude. I just feel it is best to speak the truth that my analysis shows – please don’t shoot the messenger!

The Good News
The good news is that coming from behind often presents a great opportunity because you can evaluate the web competition fairly conclusively, and develop an effective sales lead generation plan to beat them.

I carried out a further analysis which demonstrates that your web competition is fairly weak, emarketing-wise. They are getting the sales leads simply because they’ve put a bit of effort into trying.

This is further evidence that – webwise – they can be beaten!

On other words, I genuinely think you have a great opportunity.

With some redesign and development of your site, there’s no reason why most engineering specifiers enquiring on Google shouldn’t:

> Find you easily near the top

> Go to your site and contact you

I’d need to carry out a deeper analysis to confirm this, but the two initial brief studies suggest this is entirely feasible.

Culture Change for Winning Sales Leads Online
In a nutshell, most firms are run by people who have an imperfect grasp of how web marketing works. They are schooled in other skills.

Because the decision chain has flawed knowledge of emarketing, there is an inability to commit the necessary funds and resources that an effective web marketing presence requires.

You can spend many thousands of pounds to win the leads from the web, and my experience shows that people who don’t understand something, are unlikely to spend in that area.

It’s a kind of catch-22!

At the heart of this is culture change and a willingness throughout your firm’s decision chain to embrace the new ways that emarketing entails.

Initial Goals
Here are initial web marketing goals you can set your sights towards:

> Effective online advertising where you might expect to pay 50p-£1 per click.

> Redevelop your site to become a hub in the world of your engineering niche and related areas. This would take time and money to implement, but it would result in winning and sustaining lots of free web traffic (ask yourself how you found this site?) And free traffic means free sales leads.

As you can see, there are a number of possible routes to take, but they all ultimately resolve to one single point:

Your company has to take a strategic decision to go forward and win on the web, and adequately resource this.

This is obviously an internal decision. You need to estimate the size and value of your marketplace to know if it’s worth it.

In support of this decision, your main engineering competitors are already underway with their emarketing plans. But I believe they’re “getting away with it” in an immature online marketplace.

I hope I haven’t trod on anyone’s toes by being frank with you. I did carry out tests to support my assumptions.

There’s no reason why you can’t be winning sales leads short term, medium term and long term.

But emarketing requires culture change.
© Studio Rossiter 2007

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