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Q: I recently started a business retailing, marketing and distributing an excellent new product that cuts vehicle fuel costs and greenhouse gases, but I’m having trouble marketing to the masses. Please advise.

UK Fuel Company

A: To emarket your new company you could start by enabling all the people who are asking questions on the internet about fuel economy net to find you.

Everyday there are lots of people asking questions about fuel economy. All you need to do is ensure they find your website, and are exposed to the opportunity to buy your product.

It isn’t that expensive either. In fact a lot of it is free.

Let me explain this. We’ll start with a bit of internet search theory, that is also very practical, and in my opinion is must-know information for the modern marketer.

In emarketing the most important thing to know is your keywords.

What are keywords
Every day millions of people in Britain ask questions of Google and other search engines.

Many of these questions will be about fuel economy.

They may type fuel economy, or how do I reduce my fuel consumption or more miles per gallon and so on.

In fact there are hundreds or even thousands of phrases people may use when asking questions on a search engine. The phrases are as varied as the individuals that ask them.

But what we find is that certain phrases – which we call keywords – crop up time and time again.

If you knew a way to find out what these popular keywords are then you’d know the sort of questions people are asking. And in turn you could build your website around the answers to these questions.

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many websites are focussed around what a company wants to say about itself, rather than providing answers to the commonly asked questions, the questions that potential customers are asking every day.

So the first step is to discover what the questions people are asking, then develop your website to provide the answers. It’s that simple.

To discover these keywords there’s a low cost online utility called Wordtracker. If you go to Wordtracker you’ll be able to quickly work out what the popular keywords in your marketplace are, and for very little money.

Once you know the top ten phrases (keywords) that people (potential customers) are using then you’ll have an invaluable piece of market research on which you can base the message and content of your website.

The next thing is make sure that when people type in the fuel economy type keywords that they find you easily in the search engine listings.

To do this you need to be high in the in the listings, preferably near the top.

We call this a high search engine ranking and is one of the goals of any emarketer.

How Do I get High Search Rankings?

This is the $64,000 emarketing question, but actually it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Start by listing your top ten keywords, which you found by using Wordtracker.

Then write a good long page about each keyword where you provide a simple clear answer to that question. A 500-700 word page is not unusual.

The search engines will send their spiders to your website and discover these pages you’ve written. And when they find them they’ll know that your pages offer answers to these common questions.

They’ll realise that you’re offering high quality information in the fuel economy area.

And if you’ve done this well, they’ll reward you by giving your page a higher ranking so that more people will see it when they type one of your keywords in, say, Google or MSN Search.

The result is more potential customers visiting your website, looking for answers. If they like what they see, they’ll buy. And it’s cost you very little to do this.

To recap:

>Find out what the top 10 or 20 keywords in your niche are

>Build clear informative webpages for each of these keywords, pages that enquirers will see as genuinely useful answers to their questions, and not just as “sales spiel”.

Taking this approach of helping people to find the answers to the questions they’re asking will pay you dividends, as the search engines will give you a better ranking than you would ordinarily have got.

And your reward is that they’ll send more people to your website. And this is free of charge.

There is no limit to this approach.

But designing your website around the questions people are asking is how I would advise you start emarketing a new company

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