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Q: I need an idea of specs to create a video presentation for our web site. Can you also give a quote for the specs involved?

Looking forward to your urgent response

Sales Executive
Healthcare Provider

A: Strange as it may seem, it’s not producing the video for your website that presents any problem. It’s how effectively you deliver the video that really counts

When producing a video presentation for the web, here are a few points it’ll pay you to consider:

Short videos of 1-2 minutes work best for viewing online

If for example you wanted a 3-4 minute message, then deliver it as 2 or 3 short modules, each covering its own topic area.

People are more likely to watch short modules than a long video, especially if their broadband connection splutters in the middle of viewing.

And because there isn’t a fast forward button when viewing streaming video, if they watch a long video and they come to a non-relevant section, they’re far more likely to switch off and move on.

It’s best to dole out smaller morsels than single big helpings and let the viewer decide what’s best for them.

Use good graphic icons on your web page to alert visitors to your videos

Having a high quality video clips fronted by a mere web link is like hiding the crown jewels behind a locked door. This is a common big mistake.

On the other hand if the viewer sees 2 or 3 attractively designed icons on the page, they’re tempted to investigate. And when they roll their mouse over an icon and see it change to “click to view”, then they’re immediately prompted to click.

We’ve had extensive video galleries for some years now, and know from studying our detailed webstats that viewers have to be tempted to click and play. Assuming they’ll just click is wrong. Tempt them – visually.

If you had a column or row of 3 video icons, you could also subtly animate the first one using flash, drawing attention to your offering.

Use popup windows and play the video in a large size popup window

Most people don’t do this. Their big mistake is to have their video appear in a little tiny frame on the page, which looks so puny that it has little impact.

Or maybe they use the Microsoft Windows Media Player popup which looks blue and cheap, and completely lacks in style.

Our solution has been to play video in popup windows and then use Flash Video as the streaming format of choice. You can see marketing examples of this on our site here

This flash approach costs a more, but it’s worth it for the gains.

Here are the benefits of the popup flash console approach:

> The viewer doesn’t have to leave the page they’re on (and subsequently get lost, or at least lose some of the plot)

> The popup can be quite large so the viewer gets the full benefit of the video’s impact. Big video always equals more effective video, hence the large size of movie screens, DVD walls and the latest domestic LCD TVs.

> The flash console looks impressive, and is miles more professional-looking than the Windows Media Player blue thing. Style always matters in today’s commercial world, and opportunities to show your style should always be actively sought.

> Flash video is universal for PCs and Macs, and almost everyone has it already, or can upgrade to it on-the-fly in 30 seconds if they don’t. Your relatively well-off private healthcare patients will almost certainly have Flash video.

> A flash video can be immediately followed up by a message “click here to enquire further” which takes the viewer to an enquiry page, or other important goal. In other words, the flash video message directly connects the viewing experience to the sales enquiry, or other desired goal. This can only be done in flash as only flash is programmable.



How do we know the above video delivery approach is really effective?

On our own Studio Rossiter site, when we shifted to the above approach of icons/popups/flash console we saw a dramatic increase in the number of video viewings.

And when we added a “click to enquire” message at the end of the video we saw a dramatic increase in the number of enquiries we received.

This was no fluke. Our viewings and enquiries soared!

What’s the next step?

You’ll see that I’ve dwelt on detailing an effective video delivery mechanism more than the actual video content itself.

I believe it’s crucial to consider the delivery method as important as the actual video itself.

If you’d like to send me details and ideas for your video content I’ll be pleased to respond.

A bullet point list of content, and your main visual ideas will be fine.

Once I have these I can flesh it out for you into a treatment, specification and costs.

If you need ideas on flash animation and buttons, please take look around the site, or alternatively look at the animation gallery for ideas 

Effective web video presentation on a website is more than simply producing a great video

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