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Q: We would like to create a sales presentation promotional CD for our existing and potential customers. We would like your ideas on the design of the presentation too as well as your presentation services and I would appreciate it if you could give me a quote for this job.

Marketing Assistant
Design & Manufacture Company
North West

A: With all B2B selling, the objective is to take your sales message and deliver it as a compelling sequence of events that will convince buyers and others in the decision chain to buy from you.

Whether a sale takes an hour or 18 months, the result is still has to be the same, in that your company is given the order.

We have to start by looking at the different situations your company sales team will be called on to give a presentation.

Sales presentations can take place in many different circumstances and situations:

> Rep and buyer meetings, such as normally occur at different levels of the sale

> Corporate account major presentations, where you get one shot to close the big deal

> When your customer champion needs to tell their work colleagues about your products and services, spreading the good word.

> At seminars, exhibitions and conferences, or places where customers meet

> As a response to a request for information where the buyer receives a ram stick, cd-rom or uploadable file to view at their desktop.

Each of these sales presentation opportunities we call Touch Points,

So we can further refine our objective by saying that effective sales presentations have to cover all Touch Points, which are detailed here

Ideally we also need a presentation that can cover exactly what the customer needs to see, no more and exactly no less.

Often the information required to be seen will be specific to them, such as contract details, implementation schedules or case studies of similar clients.

With this in mind your sales presentation has to be flexible. It has to cover all the regular points such as your company’s scope & capability, while still showing specific information that is directly relevant to the client’s needs and will help clinch the sale, or successfully progress the deal to the next level, eg, presenting to the board or the senior buyer.

Whatever sales presentation you choose, or whoever you choose it from, it has to have the flexibility to cover every situation and every client.


An effective sales presentation needs to fit all sales meeting opportunities, such as buyer meetings, major account presentations, conferences & seminars, requests for information, and still provide support for your customer champion.

An effective sales presentation has to cover every Touch Point.

Sales presentations need to be flexible so they can be tailored specifically to any client situation.

They can play for more or less time, depending on the specific client requirement, and include extra information the buyer needs in order to be persuaded.

Our prices start from £10,000.

If you’re looking for an effective sales presentation, be sure it covers all the above points.

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