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Q: We have put together a type of presentation in Power point ourselves that has the look and feel that we’re fairly happy with. What we would like is to have your advice and development of this piece into a finished product and have it mainly tailored to a marketing DVD which we will send out to specific contacts who are design professionals. We’re a laser cutting, engraving and skilled fabricator, based in London, and selling throughout the UK and Europe

Managing Director

A: Thank you for sending me a sample of your brochure pack and your powerpoint presentation.

It was instructive to review, and I can see that you’ve put a lot of effort into it.

I can see a number of issues, but I need your permission to be frank with you?

First off, I think you need an animated multimedia, and not a DVD.

Here are my reasons. May I?

> The print package that you send out is gorgeous, and you’ve obviously spent time and money getting it right.

> The powerpoint has no “WOW”, and in no way compares with the standard of the graphics in your print offering, or the cool physical samples you included

> A marketing video to accompany a powerpoint will deliver a fixed message with no interactivity to explore your different markets (which are quite varied and different). Because of this, video on its own will be very limiting for what you need. Not as much bang-for-your-buck as you might think. And for a DVD level of spend you need to be certain.

Underpinning all this, you’re a company that has highly visible and attractive products.

You need to present yourselves accordingly – and I think you know this already.

Here’s what an animated multimedia presentation will deliver for you:

> A gorgeous interactive journey showcasing your products and services, something you’ll be proud to show clients.

> A marketing tool you can send out as a talking brochure, or use as visual support when making presentations.

Look at the samples of what we produce for our clients. Remember: These are highly compressed flash videos. The originals are full screen, top notch quality

The result for the business will be threefold:

> Sales visits will have far greater visual impact, and so more suspects will become prospects

> Champions in client companies will be proud to show your presentation to colleagues. They’ll actively work to help close your deals, because you give them the tools to do this.

> Major Account Presentations (the ones that really count) will be backed up by a highly persuasive and compelling visual presentation to support your claims, as well as highlight your business scope and capability.

Best of all, multimedia presentations are flexible so they can be tailored to different audiences.

What more could you want?

None of this comes cheap.

Bridisco in White Hart Lane paid £10k for their production (you’ll see their sample in the Gallery)

Office Star in Feltham also paid £10k

Nobel spent £12,500 on theirs.

They calculated the lifetime value of new clients, and spent accordingly.

I can appreciate that you mightn’t be ready for this yet, but if you are then I’d suggest an animated multimedia presentations will deliver far more for you than a powerpoint and DVD.

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