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Q: We’re looking for a DVD production company to produce our new corporate DVD for 2010, but we’re struggling to find the right production formula/mix.

Let me explain. We’re a manufacturing company based in Milton Keynes, providing services for three market sectors.

What we need is for our new DVD production to play on our website, and in our presentations (powerpoint).

We also want it to play at exhibitions and industry conferences.

Frankly we’re struggling to see how all this can fit on one DVD production.

We’ve been advised by a local DVD production company to have a short video, but this means missing out a lot the message we want to tell.

We’ve also been advised to have a longer video to cover everything, but this contradicts what I’ve been told about not having long videos on the web.

It’s all a bit confusing. We want to create a great impression.

What can you suggest?

Managing Director
Manufacturing Group
Milton Keynes / London

A: Any DVD production company that’s busy in 2009 should know the solution to this one.

The short answer is to produce 4 video programs, including.

> DVD 1 is an overview of your company’s scope & capability, about 2 minutes long

> DVD 2 is Market Sector 1, about 1 minute long

> DVD 2 is Market Sector 2, about 1 minute long

> DVD 2 is Market Sector 3, about 1 minute long

An overview and 3 commercials.

This offering makes sense, as it will deliver you the most effective video options, a complete video communications solution to cover all your must-have customer messages:

> 4 short videos, as flv format files, that can be featured on the relevant pages on your website to the world, email links, and on your free youtube channel.

> 4 short video clips, as wmv format, you can include in your powerpoint or laptop presentations (and as cdrom or flash drive/disc files)

> An overall runtime of about 6-7 minutes, so you know you’ve had enough runtime to go into convincing depth about what you offer.

> Short specific videos that can be flexibly targeted to your precise customer / client needs.

> A Blu Ray or HD 264 broadcast tv/dvd of your main overview for large screen presentations, the big event.

> High quality HD 264 streaming video as vimeo clips. This gives DVD quality playback on the internet.

> A menu driven DVD that can “play all”, or play each video module.

This development approach is possibly the best solution available today. And it’s still quite special.

Most DVD production companies should be able to develop something like this for you if you explain what you want.

You can learn more here

Cost and Production Implications of modular DVD production

As any independent dvd producer will tell you, producing 4 short modules is a bigger job, and will take longer and cost more than developing one single documentary marketing video.

Since each dvd module has to be related yet still standalone, it needs to be produced to a convincingly high standard, with non-stop creativity throughout.

By contrast, a half minute of less creative footage can possibly be “buried” inside a long corporate video.

But in short 1 minute modules, that are designed to quickly convince, you need to sustain and maintain a high standard of visual creativity. Not a millimeter must be out of place!

This means you’ll probably need the facility to quote for:

> An additional day video shoot on location at your plant or customer site to film more footage, and possibly use more specialist equipment like steadicam (stable gyroscopic camera for shooting on the move)

> Extra time spent scripting and storyboarding, and to communicate your needs.

> More time spent on post production editing, audio, graphics and video effects

> Record different music themes (which means listenting to miore cd samples!)

> More time spent on producing and authoring all the different output formats you need.

> Less duplication, replication, printing and packaging than you thought, as distribution is largely digital

Prices will vary, but I’d estimate an extra 10% to 20% on your baseline cost. It’s your call.

But you get a suite of promotional DVDs that will precisely target all your customer touch points, compared with a one-size-fits-all dvd production. This is a leading edge solution.

The temptation will be to develop the niche market dvd modules to more than a minute or so.

Watch out for this trap. It’s not necessary, and will only serve to dilute your efforts or cost more.

Any professional corporate or marketing dvd scriptwriter can show your key deliverables in 90 seconds or less. This is what good studios do.

Since this will be a longer rather than a shorter project, allow 3 months for production, and find a dvd production company you feel at ease with.

The Evolution of DVD Production since 2006

From 2005 / 2006 to 2010 isn’t a long time, yet we’ve seen international DVD production approaches and attitudes change significantly.

Three years ago the trend was for DVDs to become shorter. It was a simple developement.

Regular web plays in 2007 encouraged this experience.

Last year, 2008, saw HD technology seriously emerge, encouraging long high quality television-like productions, yet internet and web site playback insisted on ever shorter runtimes to retain fickle online viewers who click. Here was a new audience who bought B2B.

Hopefully, in 2009, these contradictions in the system are being resolved with DVD production solutions like the one above. It works.

Finally, look for a DVD production company team with a talented scriptwriter who can develop 4 separate yet compelling scripts for your DVD modules.

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