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B2B web video views on a tablet has – in recent years – risen dramatically.

2012 has seen it become the ‘norm’.

But why is this?

Since winter 2011 tablet and ebook ownership has nearly doubled (Hubspot) . Is it all down to the Apple iPad or are there other contributing factors?

The iPad has certainly changed the way we can view video.

Its mobility, yet large screen, allows for total convenience – you can use it at your leisure in any place that allows for wireless data transfer.

And with the success of the iPad came other tablets from other manufacturers.

Companies like Samsung and HTC released high performance tablets that ran on Google’s Android operating system.

And Microsoft has modified its operating systems for the tablet market.

Windows 7 – for example – was promoted as being tablet friendly upon its release.

So, both the hardware and software of recent times has allowed for the use of resource intensive applications.

While mobile phones are are reaching a similar spec, the low battery life is definitely a factor that makes it easier to watch video on a tablet.

Media Players

All iPad, Android and Windows tablets have the capability to play True 1080 HD MP4 videos.

Despite the small size of these machines – there is no compromise in their video playback.

So businesses can produce the highest quality videos possible and not have to worry about a reduction in quality when they are played on a tablet.

So they have embraced web video – and more recently B2B web video.

B2C is still very important to a corporations reach – but B2B raises a number of new opportunities.

> If your business provides business services then it can act as a direct means of advertising

> It allows your business to be viewed by current and prospective clients – as well as those companies you wish to build a relationship with

> It’s cheaper to put a video on a website than it is to launch a mass advertising campaign

> And it simply makes sense to use B2B web video – if optimised correctly then businesses that want to use your services will find it. And you.

It is also prestigious. Especially if it is viewed by a company that doesn’t have one – it will make you stand out.

Video viewed via phones and tablets

According to, people who view videos on tablets and phones watch them – on average – 2.5 times longer than they do when viewing them on a desktop.

There is a natural appeal for video on demand.

This statistic is the same for both the everyday consumer and the time-pressed CEO.

In fact, it’s probably more relevant for the time-pressed CEO – why wouldn’t they want to have the option of viewing something as and when they want to?

So, the dramatic increase in the use of B2B web video should not be surprising.

It should be expected.

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