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Q: We’re an emarketing agency who act on behalf of a number of clients, and we’re interested in web video production.

I would very much like to know about case studies of testing different landing pages using web videos, and the results of these (eg, less bounces, more sales or enquiries) as I believe in it myself, but we believe in dealing in a professional way with statistics for our clients.

Enjoy your filming filming abroad and I look forward to speaking with you soon at the studio.

Account Manager
Web Advertising Agency
Central London

A: What we have at Studio Rossiter by way of statistical data as of June 2009 to support the case for web video production is thin, so you cannot recommend web video to your clients on the basis of hard evidence from us.

I do expect the situation to change as we move towards 2010.

However, please bear in mind the following:

> Web video production as an online sales tool is still relatively new on the market (and the internet). It’s too soon for there to be much available data as to success rates it generates.

> The price of web video is very affordable. As a percent of an adwords spend, high quality web video production is cheap, and probably worth the risk.

> Our own clients are already re-ordering. Some are on their 4th order.

> Playback data for web video is notoriously difficult to acquire, let alone length of playtime, ratio of plays to form completions, etc

> Size of company doesn’t matter. Anyone can win, can create their own chance.

So from a strict statistical point of view, you shouldn’t recommend a web video production to any of your clients!

If you’re new to web video production have a look at these samples


Nonetheless, here are some truisms:

> One day every web page will have a video, because no one likes to read off the page. The web will become tv, only different!

> When sight and sound are combined, ie video (or web video), then information retention is almost doubled. This is classic 1950s BBC research.

> People like video (look at youtube growth stats since 2008). They like to watch. It’s a preferred medium. And a great experience.

> Bounces are already costing a fortune. Every day is more wasted money on clicks that land, and then jump ship. What a system!

> When your company is already spending hundreds or thousands a week on Adwords fees, it’s a no-brainer to risk a small amount on a web video production and split test the landing page to calculate how much difference it makes. Testing this way is free using Google software.

As you mentioned earlier, you have a gut feeling that a web video is an obvious solution to reducing bounces and increasing completions. It starts making sense when you think about it carefully.

I think many of your clients may well feel the same way as you, so long as you tell them straight that there’s no hard data to support this.

You could easily order them a complete end-to-end web video production package that will help to solve their problem. Developement time is quite quick, as is the creative. It’s easy to get a quote.

Find out for yourself if web video production really works.

For unintiated web video production is just like any other video production process, except that it’s posted on a web page, and not on DVD or as a download.

Because of this there’s less worry about formats as everything is flv flash video.

An effective web video production will provide a richer, more powerful and compelling experience than straight text on the page. It’s more effective at getting your message across.

In years to come it will be the norm.

Uses are many. You can showcase an offer, start promitng your business video blog, help new clients learn about your technology or services, publicise events, publish tutorials, present a product portfolio, emphasise branding, and just about any commercial application you can think of.

Who knows? Your web video might go viral within your industry niche, or business area.

You can use video, photography, graphics, music, voiceover, a presenter, sound fx. You choose.

A web video production will one day soon be there on every web page.

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