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What does somebody mean when they say ‘death by PowerPoint’?

In most cases, they are referring to a situation in which a person fails to motivate an audience when giving a PowerPoint presentation.

Failure is then followed by embarrassment, which of cause leads to outright humiliation.

This humiliation, however, could be the least of their worries.

Depending on the significance of the presentation, the immediate repercussions could have a knock on effect with the company that person and their presentation represents.

If, for example, a company launches a new product and gives it a disastrous presentation, then whatever they’re trying to sell is tarnished from its beginnings.

First impressions are very important.

So what causes death by PowerPoint?

A PowerPoint type presentation is not what people expect in 2012.

The person who is delivering the message is limited to the timed transition of slides.

There can be no flow to this kind of presentation, and this is half of the problem.

A slow slide-by-slide display is, after all, boring.




But what about the speaker?


A good speaker will always motivate the crowd in the same way that a good salesperson will always sell.

But even these skills do not provide a shield from the destructive fatigue that can be caused by a tedious PowerPoint.

This type of presentation is not popular, it’s common. A modern spectator has seen too may of them.

It is therefore inevitable that products and services being sold via PowerPoint will be seen as dated and un-original.

As things of the past.

No matter how amazingly brilliant the speaker is, they will not be able disassociate their topic from this widely accepted relic.

Point after point

You wouldn’t force your audience to endure real bullets, so why make them endure the ones on PowerPoint?

Bullet points do not emphasise anything.

It doesn’t matter if each one appears via a letterbox transition or by ‘magically’ flying in from the left, all they do is further isolate your audience from your message by inducing boredom.

“But what if I liven things up with a picture?”

Not exactly cutting edge.

Its really just another bullet point; only one with a bit more colour.

The sad truth for PowerPoint is that more and more companies are turning to multimedia presentations, as explained here – On our Multimedia Presentation page

Against this format, it just can’t compete.


So, does death by PowerPoint really exist?


Have you ever sat through a PowerPoint presentation and been so bored that you wanted to kill yourself?

There’s your answer.

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