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Q: Our corporate video is 5 years old now and needs replacing.

But we’ve seen so many changes I’m not even sure how effective corporate video is at winning new clients.

Maybe we should get a much cheaper web video?

Please advise

Marketing Manager
West Drayton
Middlesex UK

A: Corporate video is a broad term, initially seen as professional marketing communications video for playing to clients in sales meetings, though now in 2011 it can also cover training videos and, of course, web videos.

Perhaps by 2014 all corporate videos will be web videos.

Obviously this corporate video definition excludes wedding, educational tutorial and sports and social events, which are more the realm of videographers.

But your question is how effectively it works, how successful at communicating your product or service is corporate video, when used by a direct sales force playing in front of client audiences.

To support this we also provide a great commercial introduction to corporate video here

Corporate Video – Audience Theory

The first thing to understand when looking at corporate video effectiveness is the composition of the buyer audience as, obviously, this greatly increases your chance of persuading them. This is more than spelling out your benefits.

I divide these up into three types:

  • Group 1 who will buy from you.
  • Group 2 who will not buy from you.
  • Group 3 who might buy from you.

If you play a corporate video to a Group 1 executive,who is already warm to you, it will serve to support the decision they already made, ie, to buy from you.

If you play to a Group 3 person they won’t buy from you, no matter how good your corporate video. You’re like on another island to them.

Of course they may smile and appear friendly to you, but underneath their mind’smade up, and you’re not included.

The Group 2 person, the “Maybe” is the clincher and the whole focus of the corporate video.

I think this applies in any industry.

This person can be swayed, and a corporate video may be just the tool to sway them.

So let’s look at what goes into a corporate video with winning the Group 2 Maybe in mind.

The Script

I’m covering the whole pre-production process here, but calling it “The Script” as the script is the most important element.

And the most important question is “what does your Group 2 “maybe” need to see to be persuaded? What is engaging for them?

This has to be the core of the working script ideas that you develop.

Look at their doubts and fears, and their needs. Your contents are based around this.

Provide clear solutions for all of these issues and concerns.

Remember: It’s not about you. It’s about them. And they have to love it.

Also consider foreign languages if your marketplace is international.


2016 Guide to Digital Marketing


The Storyboard

How you visually show your corporate video message is the subject of much creative debate.

Are you planning a voiceover-style work location short documentary? Or feature a graphic-led high impact special effects video? Or are you looking at interviews and testimonials? Or presenters to camera? Or acting talent for a customer’s customer story?

The key is to storyboard your corporate video, create it so that the underpinning script becomes even more persuasive, overcoming the doubts and grey areas for your Group 2 “Maybes”. This is the secret life of your corporate video.

Corporate Video Filming

Corporate video needs more thought at the filming stage. The days of point-and-shoot with a camera on a tripod are still alive and well, but something slicker or more creative is often expected if you want everyone to watch.

The basis of filming to capture high quality pictures will always look good too, so specify that your corporate video is produced in True 1080 HD (the difference shows).

Specialist shooting equipment for video and audio tracks may be required.

But the key is to ensure that what your camera operator films serves the corporate video message.

This is your video director’s job, to manage the crew to ensure you get the best footage.

Editing & Post

We’re still traveling down the same line with our notional corporate video.

Back at the studios, all editing and digital post production tools such as music, graphics, animation (3d and 2d), captions and titling should be to support the core message found in the film’s script.

Ensure your team build a design concept that does this.

It’s a tight discipline we’re offering here.

Corporate video distribution & delivery

You want your new corporate video viewed by all. And this is where technology and the world branch out – when you broadcast your message.

The following distribution channels all need to be considered for any corporate video project. So include:

  • DVD and Blu Ray (which delivers exhibition video wall quality) for large boardroom and conference audiences (or indeed any event). They’ll need duplication copies and print too.
  • mpg, wmv, avi and mp4 video files for playback from a laptop with a projector for offices, boardrooms, small seminars, or one-to-one with a buyer across their desk
  • Multimedia CD and USB memory stick for passing your corporate video over to a champion (business contact) for them to later play their colleagues. Remember: They may only have PCs or laptops, and no players. And a few may have Apple Macs, iPads, iPhones or Android, so use universal formats. And also allow for download in low bandwidth areas, or where firewalls block streaming video playback.
  • Web video such as mp4 or flv format for playback online on your website and being posted on youtube, vimeo, facebook, your blog, click email links and any relevant internet social grouping or web tv network opportunity. If you ensure they’re all correctly tagged for video seo, it’s like free advertising – which back in 2008, or even as recent as a year ago, barely existed.

By ensuring you cover all the delivery bases, you ensure your corporate video gets maximum playback, which makes it worth the price.

Who needs television?!


Corporate video effectiveness (and strong sales results) hinges on how convincingly you persuade the Group 2 “Maybe” buyer or decision maker.

And the heart of a powerful corporate video lies in the script.

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