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Q: We are private jet company, and we are looking to have a video presentation of our services for one exhibition that it is taking place in May. Could you please contact us?

Marketing Executive
Private Jet Company

A: Your range of jet aircraft services is extensive and includes single charter flights, fleet charter, additional items such as hotels, cars and holiday plans. And you manage other people’s private jets by providing crewing and cabin staff and flight plans, and you also help people buy their own private jet.

It’s quite a range of services, and I don’t think just using video alone is the solution, especially since you also mention that you have 3D animation available, as well as lots of still images.

A multimedia CD-Rom presentation would be a far better choice as it will combine all the elements of video, animation, text animation, graphics and stills into a single whole presentation that would look impressive on your exhibition stand.

A multimedia CD-Rom would also have a much longer shelf life, because you can customise it.

For example, imagine meeting a client who was interested in buying a plane?

A multimedia presentation has the flexibility to allow you to also include a couple of case studies that illustrated the experiences of previous happy jet buyers

Or imagine making a major presentation to a company wanting to charter a fleet?

It would be good to have a presentation with the flexibility to include say maintenance scheduling and costs, or perhaps running costs per month. These contractual details are obviously an important part of any deal, and should be part of your multimedia presentation, especially if you are presenting to a group of people round a boardroom table, rather than a cosy one-to-one.

Your flexible customisable multimedia would allow you to include these additional items as part of your presentation, while a video would not.

You will also need your presentation to be modular so that once a client has seen an overview of your scope and capability, they can dig a little deeper into the area that interests them most.

For example, a possible fleet charter client will need a lot more information on fleet purchase than the simple overview that a video provides.

Interactive DVD is also a possibility, as it allows you to select different modules that provide this extra information you need to show. But interactive DVD is relatively expensive. It’s certainly more expensive than a multimedia, and it’s nothing like so flexible as multimedia, which will allow you to customise your presentation to suit the needs of each client.

So here are some simple choices.

> Do you need flexibility, or is a single fixed message the best option?

> Would you like to be able to customise your presentations to specific buyers?

> Would you like options to include case studies, contract or maintenance plans, example itineraries and other extra information?

If the answer is “yes”, then a multimedia that incorporates video, 3D animation, stills, graphics and captions may well prove to be the wiser choice.

Meanwhile, good luck in choosing between video or multimedia presentations!

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