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Q: We’re considering a DVD to present four of our companies as a group whilst still maintaining their individual skill sets and identities.

One of the companies supplies contract maintenance services, another is a specialist recruitment agency, while the other two companies supply related engineering products.

The objective of the DVD is to communicate the strength of the 4 companies as a group and represent how they mutually aid each other, with the flexibility to present individual companies where necessary. Also the ability to update data, graphics etc as and when required.

The outcome would be B2B brand awareness, the opportunity to cross sell the services, and increase sales.

Marketing Manager
Engineering Company

A: To best market your four companies I’d immediately recommend a multimedia presentation over a DVD.

Almost every detail on your requirement suggests this.

Consider first the business propositions on offer.

Your recruitment agency needs to present its business case as a supplier of temporary technical and engineering staff. It’s a people business aimed at a mix of industries.

In essence the core proposition is: We deliver the right person to the right place at the right time for the right cost.

The bulk of the presentation would spend its time convincing the buyer that the above claim is true.

Broadly the presentation would show your systems and methods to prove the claim, supported by testimonials of happy clients from a range of industries.

Now, contrast this with your outsourced specialist maintenance operation.

The core proposition is: Guaranteed maintenance, hands-free, for an agreed price.

As you can see, this is a completely different proposition to a recruitment agency

Likewise your two B2B product companies are different again, as they are product and design based, rather than people or service based.

Looks complicated, doesn’t it.


I’d recommend an interactive multimedia presentation with 4 different sections, each delivering its own operating division’s proposition, and each with a small section that includes the group synergy message.

This style of multimedia presentation would deliver the following benefits:

> Each buyer would see exactly the information they needed to make a decision

> Each buyer would be made aware of the supporting strengths within the group

> Buyers’ time wouldn’t be wasted by seeing over-detailed information about other divisions.

Multimedia presentations can deliver this level of information accuracy through interactivity.

Some additional facts on interactive multimedia presentations

By contrast, a DVD presentation would mix all these messages together in a one-size-fits-all video, which I feel is very Nineties.

An interactive DVD would be better, but it would relatively cost a lot of money, be expensive to update, and generally deliver less flexibility and interactivity than a multimedia presentation.

Obviously there’s no problem including video footage in the multimedia.

And it would have an ergonomically designed graphical interface enabling you to quickly and easily navigate around the presentation.

You can also update a multimedia very easily with performance charts, company structure, markets you operate in, client lists and so on.

You can even customise a multimedia presentation for individual deals.

And you can play it as a continuous presentation loop in your company reception area or at conferences, exhibitions and seminars. Or you can convert it to a video stream for your website.


A multimedia presentation will deliver more than an interactive DVD presentation and it’ll probably do it for less.

You can include video for testimonials or demonstrations, without the cost of producing a full-on DVD.

Multimedia presentations can also be easily customised to specific buyer meetings.

As a marketer in a B2B engineering company, hopefully you can see the clear advantages of multimedia presentations over interactive DVDs.

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