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Q: We want a web video production for our website, but would appreciate some advice as to the type of web video we need.

We manufacture industrial equipment, which we sell throughout UK, as well as export in numerous countries around the world.

People have suggested that a video with a voiceover is what we want, but I’d like to know more about what our options and choices are.

Managing Director

A: There are indeed a number of different types of web video production available.

2008 saw a big explosion in the use of web video by companies, and now in 2009 there’s a positive wealth of choice and style available.

The five main types of marketing and promotional video online are:

1 – Voiceover marketing video

2 – Video ad

3 – Presenter video

4 – Video testimonials

5 – Talking head or CEO video

Let’s examine these web video production types, their different features, and what they provide the business user – starting with voiceover video.

Voiceover Web Video

Typically you’ll want 2 minutes of video narrated by professional voiceover, set to edited footage shot at your premises, plus music, audio and captions.

The advantage of this type of web video production is that it delivers a structured sales message while visually showing people exactly what it is that you do, and why you’re unique among your competitors, ie, your commercial proposition

For many site visitors, watching a web video like this is infinitely preferable to wading through your site, trying to pick out the key information bits they want. This can take years in some sites!

You’ll need a small film crew of director and camera operator for a day.


Video Ad

If you’re spending on Google Adwords, or even you create a lot of free traffic from search engines, then a major issue for you will be bouncing, where visitors arrive at your website landing page and immediately leave.

This is because they fail to instantly grasp that you can solve their problem.

A Video Ad is a short 30 second creative video production comprising stills and voiceover and captions, designed to compel visitors to stay or, better still, making them buy or enquire.

It’s like having your own tv ad. And results show it works!

Presenter-led Web Video

If you want to talk to consumers then sometimes a presenter is the smart choice. Whenever you need a real face, then opt for a presenter.

Presenter videos can be impressive because:

> The presenter looks good and is immediately liked (that’s why they become presenters)

> The background is graphic and can move around or be animated, or change in some way which makes a presenter-led web video very watchable, and often quite unique.

A presenter video can also be a cheap option as there’s no need for onsite shooting – just the presenter shot in the studio using a teleprompt against a green screen background, with corporate graphics dubbed over later in the studio. You get the quality without the associated cost.


Web Video Testimonials

Video testimonials can be priceless.

Consider: We live in a world where stranger’s opinions count more than ever. Every time we buy we go online and read reviews by people we’ll never meet, who we know nothing of, yet we take their word for it when it comes to their buying recommendation.

The video testimonial takes this recommendation to a new level.

You use today’s customer to help deliver tomorrow’s customers.

A video testimonial mightn’t be the first web video you produce, but it will be soon follow as you realise the value of having happy customers sing your praises to new customers, affirming your claims to reliability, service, price, performance etc

Video testimonials are also one of the cheapest forms of web video, which makes them affordable, and why many bsuienss have 2 or 3 video testimonials produced.

Online Talking Head Video


> You know your products or services inside out

> You look presentable

> You like the idea of speaking to camera

… then an online talking head video may be the best way to promote your company.

Example1: A specialist financial services adviser carried great authority when he spoke on camera a few weeks ago. He was far more effective and credible than a voiceover would ever be.

Example 2: When a facilities management company expanded their range of services, the CEO described this to camera, wanting to deliver a more personal, informed message to customers

Example 3: You want a video blog where you regularly address your marketplace, broadcasting with your own television channel.

In both these cases, the leader knew they could say the script and deliver the message far better than a presenter or a voiceover.

Technical issues

Actually there are very few technical issues with web video production. The video is streamed across the internet as a flash video file .flv, in place of the old windows media player .wmv download. Formats are no longer the issue they were. They’ve virtually replaced flashes and similar technology.

Everything is full widescreen, although 4:3 is possible. It doesn’t matter whether you shoot in HD or SD (high definition or standard definition).

Your web video producer will be able to advise you on the various aspects of project production and developement, including self-hosting.

Summary of web video production styles

The choice is wide, with voiceover, presenters, or you, or your customers, all offering realistic and plausible options for getting your message across online.

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