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As a marketer young or old, there’s no finer, more inspired way to write than writing with the clearest possible vision of who exactly the person you’re writing for is.

Whether you’re writing:

> a web page

> a pdf

> a press release

> a video script

> a product release

it’s knowing precisely who you’re writing for that’ll make your words all the more relevant & engaging for your target audience.

Knowing a buyer is ABC1 isn’t enough. It’s too simple.

It doesn’t tell you what your buyer worries about, or cares about, or what their ambitions are.

Writing to a Person increases relevance

The way to write creatively in a relevant & engaging way is to have the clearest possible vision who you’re writing to and why.

This way, you’ll only ever write what they want to hear

– and not what you think they ought to hear.

This way you get read end-to-end.

Buyer Persona definition

Relevant & engaging writing begins with developing a Buyer Persona.

Wikipedia defines a Buyer Persona as

“A fictional character created to represent a buyer type within a targeted demographic, attitude and/or behavior set that might engage with a site, brand or product in a similar way.”

Buyer Persona example

Here’s an example of a persona called Marketing Matt.

If you were writing to a Marketer, for example, then a Persona called Marketing Matt will help enormously.

2016 Guide to Digital Marketing


Why writing to a Persona works

When you write on daily basis, a Persona gives you the clearest possible focus as to who you’re writing to.

This deeper knowledge of the Persona you’re writing to makes you a better writer in lots of small, relevant ways.

1 – You feel familiar with the person you’re writing to so you’re able to take more chances in your creative approach.

ie, You only risk a new creative idea if it satisfies the Persona – and not simply because you “like the idea”.

This is a very exciting way to write.

2 – You don’t veer off target into areas the Persona isn’t interested in.

This happens more easily than you might think. Read any blog, any day of the week, and count how many times Engagement is lost this way

– through wandering off-message.

3 – When editing every line can be checked not just for factual accuracy or spelling mistakes

– but for Persona relevance.

If any line you write doesn’t feel to fit the Persona, then edit it until it does

– or delete it as irrelevant.


To write more creatively you need the confidence to know the audience wants to read what you write.

Building Buyer Persona achieves exactly this, by focussing you on the person, as well as what you want to say.

Buyer Personas are very detailed, so expect to take some time researching and building your Personas.

With a clear Persona to write to, your marketing writing will become more creative and more effective.

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