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Q: We’re a London-based company that promote franchise business consultancy services and we need to develop a sales and marketing presentation package to convince more potential franchisees to sign up, particularly at seminars and exhibitions, but also in meetings.

We’re thinking of basing it around a testimonial DVD, and possibly a longer corporate DVD, but would welcome your suggestions/creativity. We can shoot the testimonials at our next conference which many of our franchisees will attend.

Marketing Manager

A: I’ve worked right across the UK and particularly in London and my experience teaches me that on many occasions the multimedia sales presentation is the new corporate video .

Frequently I see multimedia video as the preferred route to developing a digital sales & marketing package that will cover all the bases, as it includes many of the benefits of corporate video, plus some more.

Let’s examine this claim more closely.

Usefulness, or utility, is a good place to start.

Multimedia video convinces at numerous Client Touch Points, inc:

> At Exhibitions when played on autoloop (with or without mute)

> By Direct Mail as a talking brochure

> Streamed Online using selected clips from the presentation to support webpage messages.

> For Serious Prospects to proudly show friends and colleagues.

> For use in Personal Presentations, aimed at persuading potential franchisees.

> At Seminars where prospects are addressed in groups.


Typically I’d recommend basing a core sales presentation around 15-20 slides, with each slide delivered as original animated artwork.

I’d recommend against using repetitive templates as they are inherently dull, and don’t make the impact, nor carry the credibility of a multimedia.

A true multimedia business presentation eliminates “death by powerpoint” and will recoup the extra production cost, as the impression created will build confidence in potential new recruits, who you can be sure will be looking at many different franchise opportunities.

This approach will help you stand out from the crowd.

To enhance credibility, a multimedia sales presentation can include testimonial video clips from successful franchisees, as proof of your claims.

From shooting the video footage when your existing franchisees are meeting for a conference, you should be able to produce numerous small clips and one or two longer edited videos.

These can also be deployed on the web as well as in your multimedia CD sales presentation.

A further benefit is that additional ad-hoc slides may be added to any presentation, even on the last minute, for example, to show exceptions such as particularly relevant case studies, or industry niche information, regional data etc

Presentations can also be customised to location, eg, Welcome to Bristol, Welcome to London

A comprehensive multimedia sales presentation could be delivered as:

> Voiceover version on autorun for use as a Talking Brochure

> Non-voiced click-through version, for use in presentations in a similar way to powerpoint

> Flash video clips of testimonials, ending on a link to the Contact page (eg Click here to arrange a personal meeting)

> Flash video clips of key parts of the presentation (also ending on a link/call to action)

> Autoloop silent version for playing at exhibitions where noise would be a nuisance

Costwise, a multimedia sales presentation will cost more than a testimonial DVD, but overall come out the same as a high quality corporate video. And in London, where tastes are exacting, your multimedia will help you stand out from the crowd.

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