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Q: We are interested in having corporate video testimonials in which the clients say nice things about us, and we can put them on our website.

We have got clients in both the UK and Europe (e.g. France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain and Czech Republic).

We would like to know how the process works, and if they need to travel to Europe.

Senior Marketing Executive
International Energy Consultants

A: The original question on corporate video testimonials from yesterday is now followed up by further more detailed questions:

Thank you very much for your reply. I have some more questions please.

1. So the second option, we do not need to prepare the script and ask the questions ourselves, is that correct?

You would expect a video producer or experienced director to help you develop the questions, typically over the phone / email. This way you ensure your client is prompted to reply in the best way. Getting the questions right is important. This is why probably need professional help, as a mistake is costly for you in the lost-opportunity sense.

2. As some clients are based in Europe, can the filming be done remotely from the UK? so that we do not need to spend so much in travel costs

Not sure what you mean by remote filming? Clients don’t have webcams and the quality of webcam is fairly poor.

In any event, it’s better to stick with a dedicated team to do the whole job, as they’ll know how to get the best responses / testimonials from your clients, and they’ll improve as they go

It is possible to send out only a UK director, and hire local camera ops. But it takes time to search and organise and pay local ops, which brings the cost up. And you can’t be sure of the quality of local ops unless you buy high end TV camera ops, who will be expensive (!). Plus you can get hit for hidden costs.

For example, recently in Dubai I was charged an extra £50 per day for “something”, plus a further £50 for a “lens something”. Other video producers tell me similar stories and worse. Hmmm. – Here’s more info on our International video services

3. Are there any other costs associated? like editing and putting it onto our website etc. so that I can estimate overall cost.

Streaming is normally something that would be worked out by your IT dept and your webmaster / web developer. And there will be a cost attached to this, poss an internal cost from IT, and certainly a charge from your web developer.

I would advise consulting with your IT team asap, as there are lots of rules as to what you can and can’t do on a website, and IT can explain these. They should always be involved early, because you never know what they might say.

4. So the process would be filming, editing and putting on the website? is that any other steps?

Planning, travel, filming, editing, uploading – plus you may want a nice looking video player console on your site, in preference to an unimpressive youtube or blue MS Windows looking design. Your web dev will advise on this, unless they have no experience of this.

5. As the cost is charged per day, so normally, per one testimonial, how long does it take for shooting and editing?

No one will ever give you a menu of every possible price / work combination.

Instead I advise you to get a single video production company to price the whole job for you.

This approach will get you a guaranteed job at a fixed price from a dedicated, committed and experienced crew.

To help, here’s information on video production services

The alternative to using a single production company is more risky.

Risks include:

> Getting hit for hidden or ripoff costs

> Getting poor local camera ops, or very expensive ones

> Getting unimpressive client responses.

> Getting uninteresting editing

> Upsetting a client by mistake

> Missing opportunities for something great to happen on camera

> Having great footage, but poor web delivery.

I recommend getting a pro team to do the work, then learn how it’s done by watching.

For example, the UK Department of Trade hired us to shoot and edit interviews all around Britain. They watched us in detail. 6 months later when they wanted more footage, they did it themselves, as one of their team was bright and enterprising lady who absorbed what she’d learned from us.

This is not unusual. And it minimised the risk.

Overall, this video project is not just about cost.

It’s about value.

What price can you put on a great video testimonial from a leading corporate client?


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