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Q: We are interested in having corporate video testimonials in which the clients say nice things about us, and we can put them on our website.

We have got clients in both the UK and Europe (e.g. France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain and Czech Republic).

We would like to know how the process works, and if the video crew need to travel to Europe.

Senior Marketing Executive
International Energy Consultants

A: Client testimonials offer a number of shooting choices, each with widely different associated costs:

1 – You and a dedicated Camera Op

This is where you accompany a professional camera operator to client sites. You ask the client questions and the camera op films the replies you elicit.

2 – You & a Director & Camera Op

The is where you send a 2 person crew including a director, experienced in testimonials and interviews with senior management, to ask the questions.

An experienced director will get better responses than anyone else.

And sometimes these better responses can take a testimonial into “overdrive” – where responses are so compelling that they will influence senior decision makers, ie potential new clients, for years to come.

3 – You & Local Camera Op

In this option, you hire a different camera op in each town, cutting out travel expenses.

This is the cheapest but riskiest option, as you may come back with too little of the great footage you seek (aarrgghh!!)

Option 2 is the far better choice if you have a reasonable budget.

It is the closest you’ll get to a guarantee of great video testimonials – with each client:

> showing genuine enthusiasm on camera

> coming up with great things you never thought of

> being absolutely convincing

> while poor clients will be made better, improved

Video testimonials are very delicate things.

If the client is kept happy and feels easy in front of camera, then the best results emerge.

An experienced testimonials director and camera op are trained for these occasions.

Why risk less?

More info on client testimonial video

Your client testimonials can be edited in a variety of ways.

For example:

> as single short 30 second bullets

> as 2 minute compilations of “great client happiness / enthusiasm”

> as longer single client 1-4 minute clips to accompany business proposals and tenders in specific niche markets

> as flv for streaming from your website, or wmv for powerpoint

However they’re finally edited, they need to be fluent and compelling.

Part 2 of this Q&A is followed up tomorrow with further detailed questions about client video testimonials.

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